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Interviews — 19 Feb 2024
by Gauri

Golden Gate Ventures, a venture capital firm established in 2011, has carved an indelible mark on Southeast Asia’s startup ecosystem. Rooted in Silicon Valley expertise with dedication to Southeast Asia, the firm has supported numerous audacious founders and companies toward success.  With its headquarters in Singapore and offices in Indonesia and Vietnam, Golden Gate Ventures […]

Featured — 26 Jan 2024
by Gauri

Founded in 2005 by a renowned coalition of innovators, including Dr. Finian Tan, Dr. Khalil Binebine, Dr. Jeffrey Chi, Dr. Damian Tan, Linda Li, and Raymond Kong, Vickers Venture Partners has firmly established its presence and influence in the global venture capital space. Renowned for its successful investments in companies like Baidu.com, Inc., Focus Media […]

Featured — 8 Dec 2023
by Gauri

Established in 2016 and headquartered in New York, SoGal Ventures is a venture capital firm dedicated to early-stage investments in diverse founding teams, operating in both the United States and Asia.  As a women-led venture capital firm, SoGal Ventures’s investment philosophy revolves around identifying and supporting world-class women and diverse entrepreneurs to build billion-dollar businesses. […]

Featured — 26 Oct 2023
by Gauri

The intersection of science and venture capital can do wonders and uncover a champion in a city like Silicon Valley. In the epicenter of tech, where innovation thrives, Alex Luce bridges materials science and venture capital, carving a niche as a Partner at Creative Ventures. His story, deeply rooted in science and driven by an […]

Interviews — 11 Oct 2023

Over the last decade, the landscape of venture investing in the U.S. has undergone transformations, and this evolution has not escaped the keen eyes of tech investors. Team Asia Daily spoke to one such venture capitalist Jessie Wu, an early-stage investor at Upshot Ventures, in an exclusive interview, shedding light upon her investment journey while paving […]

Interviews — 6 Mar 2023

Startup founders wanting to pitch to investors to raise money should not get into the “sell now” part of the conversation immediately but must instead lay the groundwork first, according to James Walker, Investor and Counsel at Draper Associates. Founders, Walker added, should begin with being clear and upfront with what they are building and […]

Featured — 17 Feb 2021

Elizabeth Yin is a co-founder and General Partner at Hustle Fund, a pre-seed fund for software entrepreneurs. Previously, Elizabeth was a partner at 500 Startups, where she invested in seed-stage companies and ran the Mountain View accelerator. In a prior life, Elizabeth co-founded and ran an ad tech company called LaunchBit (acquired 2014). Elizabeth has […]

Featured — 6 Jan 2021

Sunny Midha is a Los Angeles, USA based venture capitalist, a Principal at Principia Growth, a startup investment fund that focuses on B2B /enterprise technologies like Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Mobility, Robotics, and Delivery Platforms for consumers.

Interviews — 29 Dec 2020

Mehul Mishra is an India-based angel investor who has been investing in Silicon Valley startups since 2014, with over 30 investments over the past 6 years.  

Featured — 29 Dec 2020

Mehul Mishra is an India-based angel investor who has been investing in Silicon Valley startups since 2014, with over 30 investments over the past 6 years.  

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