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Interviews — 19 Feb 2024
by Gauri

Golden Gate Ventures, a venture capital firm established in 2011, has carved an indelible mark on Southeast Asia’s startup ecosystem. Rooted in Silicon Valley expertise with dedication to Southeast Asia, the firm has supported numerous audacious founders and companies toward success.  With its headquarters in Singapore and offices in Indonesia and Vietnam, Golden Gate Ventures […]

Featured — 26 Jan 2024
by Gauri

Founded in 2005 by a renowned coalition of innovators, including Dr. Finian Tan, Dr. Khalil Binebine, Dr. Jeffrey Chi, Dr. Damian Tan, Linda Li, and Raymond Kong, Vickers Venture Partners has firmly established its presence and influence in the global venture capital space. Renowned for its successful investments in companies like Baidu.com, Inc., Focus Media […]

Interviews — 15 Dec 2023
by Gauri

Founder of Phi Ventures and venture partner at R3i Ventures, Peter Hlavnicka is an Angel Investor, Founder, Co-Founder, and CxO. He actively participates in startup competitions, serving as a judge, and mentoring founders through Phi Ventures Pte Ltd, his startup consulting firm specializing in intellectual property strategy and M&A.

Featured — 17 Nov 2023
by Gauri

Hailing from Singapore, Jeshua Soh is a young and dynamic angel investor who has woven a narrative that curves through unconventional education, accidental entrepreneurship, and a globetrotting escapade to over 55 countries across five continents.  In an exclusive interview with the Editor of Asia Tech Daily, Jeshua Soh describes his journey, which is a narrative […]

Interviews — 18 May 2023

When starting a company, founders often underestimate the amount of time and energy required to fundraise. Phylicia Koh, vice president at early-stage gaming venture capital firm Play Ventures, said effective fundraising is not only essential for securing necessary capital but also for demonstrating the commitment and resilience of the founding team. In an interview with […]

Interviews — 29 Mar 2023

Startup founders are often too focused on the amount of money they can get from an investor that they mostly fail to see the value that other investors have to offer to grow their businesses further. Sharon Lou, venture partner at Indelible Ventures, considers this as one of the top mistakes that founders commit when […]

Interviews — 2 Dec 2022

Startups asking for venture capital money should spend more time demonstrating how investors can be de-risked, says Weichang (Grant) Ge, senior investment analyst at HAX, the venture capital-based program of SOSV. According to Weichang, most startups, when facing venture investors, often present their grand vision of what they are going to achieve with the VC […]

Interviews — 17 Nov 2022

Startup founders need to be authentic and prepared when they get the chance to meet prospective investors, according to Rex Fong, founding partner at investment and advisory group Capitale Ventures. In an interview with AsiaTechDaily, Fong also urged startup CEOs to backup their valuations with numbers and narratives to convince investors to pour money into […]

Featured — 12 Mar 2021

Vinnie Lauria, is an entrepreneur turned venture capitalist. He is a founding partner of Golden Gate Ventures, an early-stage VC firm in Southeast Asia with US$250M AUM and 60+ investments to date. He is a Kauffman Fellow and a guest lecturer at the National University of Singapore. He was rated by the Founder Institute as the highest […]

Interviews — 13 Oct 2020

Edward Tay is the Chief Executive Officer, Board Member of Sistema Asia Capital, and a member of the Investment Committee. Established in 1993, Sistema is the largest private investment corporation in Russia with assets in excess of USD 20 Billion. Its diversified investment portfolio comprises stakes from 15 sectors of the economy, including telecoms, internet […]

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