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Established in 2018, FireVisor is a Singapore-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) startup that provides software solutions to large manufacturing organizations. The company was founded by Surbhi Krishna Singh and Long Hoang. The founders state that the industry has been focusing for too long on simple ‘if-else’ based automation which provides little improvement potential for today’s factories. As an alternative, FireVisor aims at offering cognitive solutions that are powered with artificial intelligence.

FireVisor’s Objectives

The company’s main goal is to reduce losses and the expensive costs that the companies have to bear owing to defects and product failures. “Today, an army of human inspectors are needed to make sure no fault escapes the production line, while process control engineers constantly tweak and monitor machines.

The machines, on the other hand, produce an abundance of valuable data but these vast amounts of data are unused and simply get discarded. FireVisor is on a mission to bring the power of data science to the manufacturing floor, and in the hands of humans with a few clicks,” said Singh.

FireVisor’s Contribution To Manufacturing Companies

Firevisor has built a machine learning-enabled analytics platform that connects to data sources in the manufacturing line, and automatically performs engineering failure analysis in real-time. Long Hoang stated, “Our secret weapon is our capability in dealing with data. Manufacturing data spread out in different systems have gaps and contain false information. Our machine learning models work so well because we are able to clean the data, fill in the missing information and then bring them all together in one platform.”

Cognitive Automation Solutions Provided by FireVisor

FireVisor Systems is committed to lead the cognitive automation revolution. For those uninitiated, Cognitive automation goes beyond and provides automation solution based on cognition. There are three solutions under Cognitive Automation including Cognitive Defect Detection, Cognitive Defect Analysis, and Cognitive Monitoring. Cognitive Defect Detection needs little data to get started, provides even more accurate results than human operators and is highly adaptable. Cognitive Defect Analysis gives the process engineers the power of data science where engineers can analyze a hundred thousands of defects in a single glance. Under Cognitive Monitoring, AI enabled real-time anomaly detection highlights unusual defect rates. As the system is self-learning, no process engineer needs to manually tune thresholds.

The Road Map

FireVisor recently raised close to SGD1 million (US$740,000) as seed fund round led by 500 Startups Durians II Fund and Acequia Capital. The company already has a large client base in China, India and Southeast Asia including manufacturing giants like REC Solar.

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