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Staying away from family is one terrible experience. With that is the mode of sending money to a family who lives far away from us. But nothing is harder than sending money over longer distances. Thus started the banking experience of sending money through SendFriend.

SendFriend is a cost-effective and user-friendly way to transfer money over varied locations around the globe. The initiative rooted from the World Bank, MIT, MoneyGram and Havard business school, the founding team gave its birth to the world.

Advanced Remitting Services

With its launch, the company has put customers first in all of its endeavors. The company aims to empower innumerable overseas Filipino workers who engage in transferring money across the globe.

The company uses block-chain technology to ensure safe and secure transfers of money and resources. The company filed an agreement with ripple for this and has almost achieved in reducing the cost of remittance payment by 65% from the industrial average. The company has raised funds of $1.7 M within just one round of fundraising.

The investors of SendFriend includes MIT media labs, Barclays, Master card foundation, Techstar, and Mahindra finance. The co-founder CEO David Lighton believes in proving services to millions o overseas workers using the high-end technology.

The Culture

 Overseas Filipino workers experience an easy way to transfer to the US and back at lower rates because of the SendFriend’s launch. Launched in the year 2017, it has steeply looked for ways to broaden the use of technology in providing the best for its trusted customers.

The technology promises a quicker and safer payment operation for its clients. There is very low feed ponded for the transaction, and the exchange fees are found to be much less with high transparency of operation.

The company also promises to offer friendly customer support with an instant cash withdrawal and depositing mechanism for ready money usage. The prominent technology also helps you secure your money safely.

The Road Map

The SendFriend advanced transfer of sounds allows millions of overseas Filipino workers to send money to their family on safe terms along with flexibility and a quicker interface.

They can now make use of unlimited money transactions with fewer leverage fees and save time for money transfer as it now takes hours instead of days. Improved technologies ensure secure and user-friendly transfer gateways for payments.

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