Robert Falck, Einride - Enabling Sustainable Transformation Of The Transportation Industry

Robert Falck

Robert Falck is the CEO and founder of Einride, a tech start-up bent on the sustainable transformation of the transportation industry, developing an intelligent road freight system based on all-electric, autonomous trucks, or Pods. Before founding Einride in 2016, Mr. Falck was a director of manufacturing engineering assembly at Volvo GTO Powertrain. A serial entrepreneur, he is a co-founder of Vnu, a nightclub business intelligence solution, The Great Wild, a hunting app, and Keyflow, an event service platform.

Mr. Falck holds a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, a B.Sc. in Economics and finance, and a B.Sc. in business.

In an exclusive interview with AsiaTechDaily, Robert Falck said:

"I saw how we used automated, electric vehicles in our factories. If we could do that on public roads, if we could combine self-driving technology, which had quickly matured, with an electric powertrain, we could transform how road freight transport is done and introduce a more sustainable, safe and efficient solution. But the big truck manufactures are stuck in old structures and systems and have invested heavily in the diesel engine and the truck and business model around it. I therefore knew change would take time. I decided to leave the company and then started Einride with my fellow co-founders Linnéa Kornehed and Filip Lilja."

Read on to know more about Robert Falck and his successful journey at Einride.

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