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Golden Equator Group

Established by Shirley Crystal Chua in the year 2012, Golden Equator Group is a Singapore-based conglomerate. The businesses operating under this firm include consultancy solutions, innovation community, and financial services. In addition to that, the group invests in technology-based companies in Asia. The group runs a number of fully-owned subsidiaries, namely Workspace Spectrum, Golden Equator Consulting, Golden Equator Wealth and Golden Equator Capital. With a diverse mandate covering up to ten markets at the same time, Golden Equator Group has a strong clientele in twelve countries.

Group Golden Equator Singapore Funding Utilization

Golden Equator Group

Singapore Investment Group Golden Equator has declared that it has successfully secured a whopping amount of USD18 Million in a strategic funding round led by the world-famous Japanese tycoon Taizo Son. This funding round witnessed the participation of a multitude of angel investors from countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Qatar, Brunei, Japan, and UAE. Furthermore, the investors include members of the families, owners of big MNCs, C-level executives, and so on. Most essentially, it is the first investment that the conglomerate has received since it came into existence. Speaking of fund utilization, the firm has clearly stated that the investment will be used for the formation of a regional ecosystem which will be centered on technology. Keeping everything else at bay, the acquired funds will also be employed for the facilitation of the ecosystem maker’s business development. The private investment firm will also focus on expansion into foreign countries while using Singapore as a common ground to connect the Middle East and the Asia Pacific.

Game Plan And Growth Prospects Of The Golden Equator Group

Golden Equator Group

The Golden Equator Group has a remarkable game plan for the future. With so many companies running under one Singapore-based conglomerate, there are bound to be plenty of growth prospects. Speaking of the funds raised recently, the company stated that they advertently limited this round to angel investors. The fund management firm plans to include institutional investors in the successive round, which will be held in approximately two years. Following the investment, Golden Equator has appointed Taizo Son, CEO of Mistletoe, as its special advisor. The purpose of this appointment is to unify companies, individuals, and government agencies to make a significant social impact by forming a progressive business ecosystem focused on innovation and technology.

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Golden Equator Group

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