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Asia’s premier financial marketplace GoBear Singapore was founded by Marnix Zwart, Frank Stevenaar, and Ivonne Bojoh in the year 2015. The prime purpose behind the company’s establishment was to enhance the financial health of users in Asia. GoBear's platform makes it easier for users to make comparisons between financial products and insurance schemes so they can make the right selection. In simple words, the platform makes appropriate matches between users and financial solutions providers. For this, it gathers data on potential customers such as behavioral insights by keeping a check their activities on the official website of GoBear Singapore. With operations in seven Southeast Asian nations, namely Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and the Philippines, GoBear claims to have served more than 40 million users till date.

GoBear Singapore

GoBear Singapore Manages To Raise $80M Funding From Netherlands-based Investors

 Asia's premier financial marketplace GoBear has declared that it has managed to raise a whopping amount of $80M funding from two Netherlands-based investors - VC firm Walvis Participaties and financial solutions provider Aegon N.V. Before the acquirement of this capital investment, GoBear Singapore has never made a public announcement of any of its funding rounds despite having a strong presence in Southeast Asian markets. Talking of fund utilization, the startup will make use of the obtained capital to foster new business partnerships and facilitate the regional expansion of its network of financial solutions partners. In addition to that, some of the funds will be utilized for hiring new personnel and enabling product and technology developments along with talent acquisitions for the betterment of the startup.

GoBear Singapore

Get Acquainted With The Well-Planned Roadmap Of GoBear

 Singapore-based startup GoBear has some remarkable prospects for the future. With so many major investments from leading investors across the globe, GoBear is all set to go international in the coming time. Besides fostering relationships with renowned banks and financial institutions, GoBear is looking forward to investing in companies that offer top-notch technology in areas such as financial education and alternative credit scoring. At the moment, GoBear Singapore is focusing on the further development of its current services, namely insurance brokering and digital lending.

GoBear Singapore

Speaking of long term goals, GoBear Singapore is striving towards becoming a reliable financial advisor platform. Besides all that, since the majority of consumers in Southeast Asia have never dealt with financial service providers, GoBear has a seizable golden opportunity in its hands.

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