Chooch AI San Francisco- A Sketch Of Visual AI

Chooch AI San Fransisco

With its fantastic combination of computer-based vision training and machine learning, Chooch AI San Francisco is a visual solution. The company was founded in December 2015 by Emrah Gultekin and Hakan Gultekin. Holding a total funding amount of USD 2.8M, the venture produces an estimated revenue of USD 2M annually. Chooch AI San Francisco majorly competes with Clarifai, Varitone, and ImageVision while being graded at 1,959,950 among all the websites established globally, keeping under consideration the 14,057 web visitors it caters to. Not only does the solution include API, a dashboard and mobile SDK, but it also facilitates the use of facial recognition as well as to object recognition. The attention expands to media, advertising, banking, medical and security industries, thus making it versatile and vital in various aspects.

Chooch AI San Fransisco

What Makes It Different?

With its increased pace in recognition, labeling, and tagging, the solution is nothing less than a visual expert. All the media demonstrated by the user is processed by the solution and then synchronized with the information grasped through a neural network. As per the assertions of Chooch AI San Francisco, the application of the solution has the capacity to boost the revenues by five times accompanied with the cost being plummeted by 80%. Therefore, the mission-critical approach of the venture helps in the creation of super-contextual media by the user.

Chooch AI San Fransisco


The Road Map

 Chooch AI San Francisco has received massive funding worth USD 2.8M from Venture Investment company based in Singapore and a few others. Chooch AI San Francisco has a total of 23 investors with Vicky Ventures Partners being the lead amongst all and Ali Tezolmez and Marc Abramowitz, the most recent ones. The seed round also included funding from angel investors. The financing so obtained is targeted towards attaining a more prominent and broader share in the market and touch the untouched corners of the AI arena. Betterment of the service provided and the utility delivered to its users is another prime objective of the company. It is to fulfill this purpose that the company aims to hire more engineers, thus expanding the company through a productive expansion of the team. The company means to stretch its arms in the market of enterprises by acting as a facilitator when it comes to handling training programs through visual recognition. The company is, thus, on its way to triumph in the market of AI and create a niche for itself.

Chooch AI San Fransisco

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Image Source- Chooch AI San Fransisco Website.

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