Choco CRM Thailand- Making Businesses Customer Friendly

Choco CRM Thailand

Choco CRM Thailand company provides a digital platform for running a better business to their clients. The Choco CRM gives a running platform to small and medium scale entrepreneurs to compete with large scale operators and exponentially raise their competitive ability to equally big players in the business market.

The company strongly believes that any small-scale company will find it hard to manage the business on their own and seek the help of social media channels. But Choco CRM Thailand helps them to evade worries and invest in managing better relationships with their customers using their CRM systems. Further, clients can opportune the various business strategies proposed to build better business and client relationships. The company tries to act as a channel to bridge the difference between a small-scale investor and their business client.

Choco CRM Thailand

Business Everywhere – How Is Theirs?

Business running and management is very important and tackling customers is even more. The company wants to specialize in aiding businesses to run better with their technology. Choco CRM Thailand aims to employ several foreign models to bring in cost-friendly business models and adapt them to Thailand so that several small and medium scale entrepreneurs can utilize them.

The company was founded by Rattapol Sirichumphan, Sirikit Suriyaphanpong, and Thirawat Phungsawasadi and currently support business help for fashion, food and beverages, fashion, beauty, fitness and yoga, car wash and care and much more product industries.

Choco CRM Thailand

What Benefits Does Choco CRM Thailand Offer?

`The company’s various products offer several advantages for clients who look to improve business management and customer portals. The CRM portal helps business people to withhold a stronger customer base and increasing sales by maintaining them. Further, the customer portals help the business people to analyze and collect customer data based on the purchase made and points accumulated. The company believes that a regular source of income can be built only by satisfying regular customers. Choco CRM Thailand helps to keep track of the point accumulations, SMS, email, packaging, etc.

Choco CRM Thailand

Future Plans

The company initially received funding of USD 1.25 million in funding from InVent in September 2018. The company received an undisclosed amount of funding from Krungsri Finovate. The company wishes to expand its efficiency in business management with this funding that is raised. The company offers CRM and POS, along with several rewarding promotions and offers.

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Choco CRM Thailand

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