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Featured — 24 Feb 2021

Jeong Do-Hyeon is the CEO of Raphas, a global bio company unique with microneedle technology, runs from lab to IPO and operates an accelerator program named ’10X’ Startup-X. The corporate […]

Founders’ interviews — 24 Nov 2020

Taejin Ha is the CEO of VIRNECT. The company virtually connects meaningful information using Augmented Reality (AR) technology to provide clients with the right information at the right time. It […]

Founders’ interviews — 16 Oct 2020

Andre S. Yoon is a tech entrepreneur with a strong engineering and science background. Upon graduating from MIT with a Ph.D. in Physics, he joined Samsung Electronics to develop high-performance solid-state […]

Founders’ interviews — 14 Apr 2020

Jin Cho is the Chief Finance Officer, Head of BD at Novelty Nobility Inc., a South Korea-based private stage biotech startup Novelty Nobility is a private biotech company focused on the […]

Founders’ interviews — 16 Mar 2020

Jay Lee is the Chief Marketing Officer at Spoon. Spoon operates as a real-time personal audio broadcasting platform. It is designed to share stories, ideas, favorite music, and more. Also, […]

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