Brian Bauer, Bauer Entertainment Marketing – A Visionary Marketer And Leader

Brian Bauer, President Bauer Entertainment Marketing has made the company standout in the industry with his passion and dedication. Mr. Bauer has extensive experience in the entertainment and marketing industry; from being an event staff to present, he has come a long way. 

Mr. Bauer has over 15 years of total work experience; to name a few companies that he has worked with include- MTV Networks (Music & Talent intern), The Wall Street Journal (Analyst), Bryan Scary & The Shedding Tears (Manager& Drummer), GurRilla Marketing Group (Chief Operating Officer), Bauer & Associates Inc. (Director of Digital Marketing). Rockhouse Partners (Agency Director/Senior Director of Business Development), Concept Technology (Director of Marketing), Wannado Inc., (Advisor) and Artist Growth (VP Marketing).

Bauer Entertainment Marketing (BEM) based out of Nashville, Tennessee that aims to deliver bigger and better returns than other marketing agencies. This full-service marketing agency provides strategic consulting and hands-on campaign management. 

Mr. Bauer’s past experiences in the entertainment and marketing industry have helped BEM to cut out a niche for itself. The company generates more conversions through sales, engagement, and awareness when compared to other players in the industry. BEM boasts to have helped more than 100 sports, music, and entertainment companies such as; NASCAR, X Games, Kanye West, Country Thunder, Red Bull, Uber, RBC Bluefest, Music Business Association, and Austin360 Amphitheatre. 

Mr. Bauer has always loved sports, entertainment, and music. He has a collection of all ticket stubs since the mid-90s as memoirs of his experiences in the entertainment and marketing field. He believes that when personal passion and professional goals align then there is no looking back. 

Mr. Bauer completed his BA in psychology & Music from the University of Maryland in 2006. He was selected to Alpha Lambda Delta and Phi Eta Stigma honor societies, and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars.

In an exclusive interview with AsiaTechDaily, Mr. Brian Bauer says:

I mistakenly believed that it was less risky working for someone instead of working for myself. I discovered that placing my career and future in the hands of others was limiting my ability to have an impact and create value. I realized that it made much more sense to control my own destiny. So, although many would view starting an agency from scratch as a big risk (and it was), it’s far less limiting than remaining as an employee. “

Read on to know more about Mr. Brian Bauer, his successful journey, his views on the startup ecosystem, and much more.

What background and domain expertise do you have? What makes you turn into a current job and role? (Additionally, if available, How did your earlier career choices lead you to where you are now)

Brian Bauer: I launched my entertainment marketing career at MTV Networks, RCA/J Records, and Wind-up Records. I was also selected by Universal Music Group, from over 30,000 applicants, to work directly with executives at Warped Tour, Bad Boy Films, and KROQ. While there, I produced a music video featuring Kanye West, Chester Bennington, and Good Charlotte for worldwide release. 

Soon after, I led my own New York City-based digital marketing consultancy and managed GuyRilla Marketing Group, providing strategies and alliances for companies that market to men. I created and implemented high-profile marketing summits that attracted high-profile speakers and attendees from Microsoft, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, Nike, J. Crew, ESPN, and ABC’s Shark Tank.

Around the same time, I was the manager and drummer for professional touring and recording bands. I shared the stage with artists including Chris Stapleton, Cage the Elephant, and Dhani Harrison. I signed a record deal with Elijah Wood’s Simian Records for an album that reached #6 on iTunes and #30 on Billboard; licensed songs to MTV and Rock Band; and performed at SXSW, Canadian Music Week, and venues across the US, UK, and Canada. 

After performing in Nashville, I decided to move to Music City where I co-managed Rockhouse Partners, an entertainment marketing firm owned by global-ticketing company Etix. As Agency Director, my team and I supported entertainment properties in generating sales, activating fans, and maximizing sponsorship value. I also enhanced concert experiences for Etix ticket buyers by establishing a first of its kind promotional partnership with rideshare giant Uber.

All of these experiences contributed to me creating Bauer Entertainment Marketing.  BEM has produced as much as $6.2 million in sales and 59X ROI per campaign for clients including Formula 1, Arcade Fire, X Games, Kid Rock, Major League Gaming, Pretty Lights, Austin360 Amphitheater, RBC Bluesfest, and the Music Business Association. As a full-service marketing agency, BEM provides strategic consulting and hands-on campaign management. In terms of domain expertise, I’ve positioned BEM as the entertainment industry leader in removing barriers and capturing opportunities for growth through Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

Please describe what your typical workday looks like so that readers can understand more about you and your roles.

Brian Bauer: We work with a wide variety of clients — sports teams, artists, conference, record labels, festivals, etc. Because their needs are diverse, I rarely have a “typical” workday. Serving entertainment companies located around the world means that our work is rarely confined to the standard “9 to 5”. My team and I deliver what our clients need when they need it, which often means nights and weekends. This kind of commitment and dedication requires passion and a love for sharing unforgettable experiences with fans. 

What are the key skills and attributes needed to be among the top influencers in your industry?

Brian Bauer: Being an expert communicator is paramount — whether listening, speaking, and writing. As top entertainment marketers, we analyze and interpret data in a way that clients can understand and we can then use to generate more fans, sales, and profit for them.

What career mistake has given you the biggest lesson? What is the biggest risk that you’ve taken?

Brian Bauer: I mistakenly believed that it was less risky working for someone instead of working for myself. I discovered that placing my career and future in the hands of others was limiting my ability to have impact and create value. I realized that it made much more sense to control my own destiny. So, although many would view starting an agency from scratch as a big risk (and it was), it’s far less limiting than remaining as an employee. 

What was your first “win” that made you confident that you were doing the right thing?

Brian Bauer: Winning our first big client within just days of launching the firm felt amazing and reinforced my decision to create my own business. Not only did we get to earn their business but we exceeded their revenue goal by 18%. This year, we’re on track to add 25 new clients and increase our year-over-year revenue by 3X. There’s no looking back now as our growth trajectory remains strong.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? and What advice do you have for someone who is interested in doing similar things like yours or in a similar direction?

Brian Bauer: Make others around you better. If you’re willing to give without expecting anything in return, you’ll find greater fulfillment and rewards over the long run.

What’s your general thought about the term “Global” and What are the important factors (criteria) for local startups to consider for an international expansion based on your experiences or expertise?

Brian Bauer: Working primarily in digital marketing means we’re engaging with clients, partners, and fans around the world on a daily basis. The globe has shrunk thanks to the Internet. A singer-songwriter in Nashville has the same promotional opportunities as a major K-Pop group like BTS. They have the same access to social media, email, advertising, etc. Barriers to entry have almost vanished. New startups should keep in mind that, because it’s easier to get into the game, there’s far more competition for people’s attention and dollars. So, a startup can get established and succeed only by targeting a specific audience with unique value that solves their current problem, while anticipating and preparing to address their next problem. 

What kind of startup (or tech) industry will impact the world in the near future like 2-3 years locally (in your country) and globally in your own personal view? 

Brian Bauer: I’m excited about startups that help get the right marketing messages to the right fans at the right time. For instance, we’re starting to leverage technology that can pinpoint prospective ticket buyers via their mobile device ID. We can create lists based on any location going back 2 years. We recently launched a social media ad campaign for a festival headlined by Snoop Dogg and we’re using ads to target fans who attended a Snoop Dogg concert in the same city last year. Companies that can help establish more personalized marketing will grow exponentially over the next 2-3 years.

What are the one or two things that you would do differently if you could go back to 10 years ago?

Brian Bauer: Nothing. Without each of the challenges I’ve faced and overcome, I wouldn’t be where I am today or where I intend to be tomorrow. My priority has been and continues to be the pursuit of perfection. That’s a lifelong journey, not a destination. 

As you know, our company group name is “beSUCCESS”, what’s your definition of the term “success” as an individual human being?

Brian Bauer: Success is believing you can make a positive difference in the world, then making it happen.

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