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Fitness is a very crucial component of our everyday life and overall well-being. However, many of us do not have the time, resource or the correct guidance to follow a consistent routine. WHOCARES is the one-stop solution for your private and customized fitness training requirements.

WHOCARES is Korea's first premium quality "private and customized fitness training" service company. It is one of the cash cows of ITDA.

Established in 2014, WHOCARES gives effective assistance and step-by-step professional solutions to customers who have trouble or do not have the time to visit fitness centers. 

WHOCARES - What It Does?

WHOCARES understands the needs of the customers and their challenges. For example, having elderly or kids at home and need to take care of them, pregnant women, working moms, working men/women, celebrities who need private time away from media attention, etc. This varied clientele requires personalized attention as per their requirement in order to ensure that they do not compromise on fitness due to their schedules or challenges.

Services Offered 

The company provides one to one private fitness training to its customers who need their personal space. The company also helps in group fitness regimes such as yoga, ballet, etc. in various levels of fitness as needed. Customers can arrange all the training sessions at their desired place and suitable time. Personal trainers have a major advantage of not paying any rental cost to the fitness centers. They can freely focus on their private sessions with their clients thus resulting in active fitness routines. 

WHOCARES categorizes its fitness program into two levels: B2C level and a B2B level. At a B2C (Business to Consumer) level, it gives services for pregnant and postnatal women, elderly, people who are busy and have an irregular schedule, working moms, and celebrities, etc. At a B2B (Business to Business) level, it provides group sessions in offices, companies, etc.

WHOCARES Offers Professional Trainers 

WHOCARES has a trainer base of over 100+ professional trainers. They are trained in a range of fitness exercises like yoga, ballet, personalized body exercises, exercises for pregnant and postnatal women, etc. These trainers have at least 7-8 years of experience in the fitness industry. The selection process is tough which recruits only the expert and experienced trainers. They are further trained every month to provide 100% service satisfaction to the consumers. It works well for the trainers too.  

WHOCARES accepts any personalized requests on the type of training because customer satisfaction is the prime goal. The company decides the trainers for the customers, but the customers also have the liberty to choose their trainers whom they are comfortable with and who can work as per their schedule. WHOCARES also gives customized fitness goals and suggestive diet plans. Also, a metabolism analysis to keep them aware. This has gained high customer retention and customer loyalty. 

Merchandise On Offer

WHOCARES also offer their own patented merchandise which includes workout gear such as Yoga wear, shorts, and portable fitness equipment like yoga mats, yoga straps, etc., to ensure a healthy lifestyle and energy for their customers. 

WHOCARES has planned to grow its market to reach out and help all those people who find it difficult to arrange time or resources for a healthy and fit life because THEY CARE for you. 

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