Waresix Indonesia – A Platform For Digitizing Logistics

Waresix Indonesia

Waresix Indonesia is a logistics startup that is aiming to modernize logistics in Indonesia. It provides an online platform for warehousing and freight movement which is on-demand, simple, and scalable.

With a booming e-commerce market in Indonesia, Waresix Indonesia offers a solution for warehousing that allows retailers, distributors, manufacturers, and consumers to quickly adapt to varying demand. It aims to improve supply chain efficiency by refining utilization and eliminating middlemen.

Waresix Indonesia

Founded in 2017 by Edwin Wibowo (CFO) and Andree Susanto (CEO), Waresix has built a niche for itself. The company claims to have a fleet of over 20000 trucks and have more than 200 warehouse partners in Indonesia. Waresix presently covers 26 cities including, Semarang, Greater Jakarta, Surabaya, Pekanbaru, Samarinda, Balikpapan, Makassar, Banjarmasin and others across the Indonesian archipelago. Both Susanto and Wibowo met at the University of California, Berkley while they were pursuing their engineering.

Waresix Indonesia- A New Way Of Warehousing And Freight Movement

Waresix Indonesia connects shippers and business with available trucks and warehouses across Indonesia Digitization of the entire transaction ensures a higher level of service standards. The logistics infrastructure is well established; cross-docking warehouses are located near all major population areas and are well-connected to truck, sea, air, and high-frequency lane transport lines.

Waresix Indonesia

Waresix Indonesia leverages technology to seamlessly merge data analytics with logistics infrastructure to give its users complete control over their goods and maximize supplier’s space utilization. The inventory movement can be tracked in real-time. Thus ensuring reliable and fast transportation, while keeping the supply chain costs low.

Waresix Indonesia provides its clients a reliable data identify the trends that drive their businesses. Thus enabling customers and shippers to track supply chain overtimes, provide recommendations and offer insights for improving the most important metric.

Waresix Indonesia

The company has recently secured USD 14.5 million in funding to grow its business. The funding round was led by a growth-stage fund co-run by East Ventures- EV Growth and was joined in by a local venture capital firm SMDV and Jungle Ventures, a Singapore-based company.

Waresix had raised USD 1.6 million from SMDV, Monk’s Hill Ventures and East Ventures in 2018.

The Road Map

Waresix Indonesia plans to use this fresh financing to expand land transportation service and to further support its warehousing network in the second-tier cities. The company aims to simplify logistics and make it accessible to everyone. The new funds will help them in expanding the coverage and support the digital transformation of Indonesia’s domestic freight sector.

Waresix Indonesia

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Image Source –Waresix Indonesia Official Website, pixabay.com

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