ViSenze- Simplifying The Visual Web

The eCommerce market, owing to the rapidly advancing technology and the convenience it offers to customers, has been successively growing through the years. However, considering the saturating market, the field of eCommerce is currently in dire need of innovation. ViSenze - a uniquely innovative company specializing in vending visual commerce services - has acknowledged the same and has been hard at work to provide exactly that. Their aim of ushering an era of visual commerce has enabled them to raise US$10.5 million in funding already.


Image Search

With ViSenze’s services enabled on your eCommerce platform, your customers don’t have to struggle with finding their choice of products through verbal tags or titles.

They can simply search the product using an image or screenshot of the same. This enhances the search feature within an eCommerce business which, ultimately, aids in raising conversion rates.

Personalized User Experience

Analyzing the customers' preferences, ViSenze, via their services, can provide your customers with a personalized user experience by suggesting them similar products through image recognition. The suggested items are highly relevant since they are recommended because of their similar appearances rather than matching tags.

Automated Tagging

Tagging each product manually can be an exhausting task. ViSenze, through their image recognition software, can allow businesses to automate the same entirely. The program analyzes each physical characteristic of the product and then assigns the appropriate tag to the same. This enables business owners to organize their product catalogs in precisely designed categories to indirectly improve the overall user experience.

Higher Conversion Rates

Employing visual commerce services on your eCommerce business can significantly ease the task of searching for the right product from an extensive catalog. The same directly contributes to providing customers with a unique, improved, and convenient user experience which eventually, positively impacts the conversion rate for your business to increase profits.

The Road Map

ViSenze is a highly-innovative company that aims to improve the field of eCommerce as a whole by ushering an era of visual commerce. Owing to the constantly improving domain of machine learning and artificial learning, ViSenze’s services are bound to improve further to provide business owners with additional benefits. The company has been gradually their reach to a global level. Their short-term mission to allow any eCommerce business, local or global, to avail their services. Added to that, their primary mission is to grace the domain of eCommerce with a fresh air of innovation and unique features.

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