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Jio Health was founded in the year 2014 by Raghu Rai and serial entrepreneur Ken Rohl. Headquartered in Irvine, California, the Vietnam-based company amalgamates technology and clinical services to provide consumers with complete care benefits of the ecosystem. Additionally, the advantages include pharmacy delivery, lab collection, home doctor visits, telemedicine, digital medical, nursing services and many more. In the whole spectrum of healthcare, Jio Health offers affordability and accessibility at the same time. Therefore, providing customers with round the clock health care access. Furthermore, covered healthcare services consist of chronic disease management, pediatrics, primary care, and ancillary care services. Not just that, Jio Health makes use of proprietary systems and technologies to scale and enhance care delivery in a vertically integrated polyclinic, lab, and pharmacy.

Purpose Of The Healthtech Company

First and foremost, Jio Health comprises of a global team of innovators, technologists, and physicians working together to provide enhanced healthcare services. Most essentially, the health tech company is all about life empowerment. On this account, Jio Health collaborates with highly renowned healthcare organizations to engage patients and offer better care through modern day technology. The company believes in the infinite potential of life, and it is committed to inspiring this generation to lead healthier lives. Not just that, the company experienced a great deal of growth in the year 2018 when it managed to complete numerous home-visits and check-ups. Last but not least, Jio Health is constantly striving to meet the growing demand for healthcare in the region.

Vietnam-based health tech startup Jio Health declared that it has successfully raised US$5 million from Series A round of funding led by Monk’s Hill Ventures. As far as utilization of the funding is concerned, the company stated that it is looking to use the money to scale its care provider team and clinical operations all over Vietnam. Lastly, Jio Health is utilizing the acquired funds to improve its operations and capabilities to provide remarkable healthcare services in the region.

The Road Map

Besides offering premium clinical services combined with technology-driven healthcare, Jio Health is working hard to create a platform to help people manage their health, and facilitate life empowerment in the best way possible.

Therefore, Jio Health creates effective and affordable solutions so that you can attain your full potential.

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