Vietnam Hiip – The Leading Influencer Platform Connecting Brands And Advertisers

Hiip is an online platform, launched only in the year 2016. It can be regarded as a social network where brands and advertisers connect. Being the first social network of Vietnam, it is now expanding the operations to Thailand. They use Big Data technology and Artificial Intelligence to help brands reach out to their target audience. Brands can even work on building a reputation and increasing sales, on their vast network influencers.

The platform allows users to create accounts and run advertising campaigns. They are then matched to the right influencers, based on the influencer data and their requirements.

Robust Funding Support

Hiip has managed to secure two rounds of funding. The first one was pre-seed funding from Expara Venture is the year 2016. The other being a seed round at 500 Startups and Cocoon Capital.

It has now secured the “7 Digit Series A Round.”  Being led by Vnet Capital. Many top names like Japan Strategic Capital, Rentracks, and Vulpues Investment Management, have joined the rounds. Hiip has revolutionized the way social media and influencers can impact society.

What’s The Hiip About?

The Capital president of the Vnet Capital, Mr. Sopon Punyaratabandhu, has also claimed that Hiip has emerged as the leading platform in Vietnam. It has the largest market share there. And now, it is also taking over the market in Thailand as well. They were stunned to see the team and their dedication towards their goals. Not only that, but technology also stunned them. They believe that it is their hard work that has added value to the Thai social influencer arena, with Hiip.

The CEO and Co-founder of Hiip Asia, Phi Nguyen, says ‘his vision was to become the leading influencer platform of Southeast Asia.’ Being funded by Vnet Capital, they have managed to have an extensive network, along with a successful track record of investing in tech startups. It is helping them achieve their vision.

The Road Map

Over the last three years, Hiip has managed to reach out to more than 500 brands. Not only that, they have 6,000 influencers on their platform. With their regular operations, they are doubling up the profits every six months.

Hiip also spread to Thailand in the year 2018, with the help of Vnet Capital. Within six months of launch, they have grown exponentially in terms of clients. Thousands of social influencer have signed-up on Hiip and taken it to a whole another level in Thailand. Michael Graham Hyde, the Chairman of Hiip Thailand, is regarding this an excellent opportunity, with Vnet and many other forward-thinking investors.

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