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Headquartered in Malaysia, TheLorry is an on-demand logistic platform that was founded in September 2014 by Co-Founder & Executive Director, Nadhir Ashafiq and Co-Founder & Managing Director, Goh Chee Hau. TheLorry was launched with the aim of offering systematic, cost-effective and reasonable logistics. It focuses on a logistics platform operation that connects both individuals and corporate clients to lorry, truck, and van owners in their database across Southeast Asia.

Impressive Funding Support

TheLorry recently raised US$5.85 million in Series B fundraising which was led by FirstFloor Capital. Participating in the round were PNB-INSPiRE Ethical Fund I, Cradle Seed Ventures, and Axiata Digital Innovation Fund, as well as SPH Ventures who made a comeback after joining the Series A round.

The company stated that it plans to use the funds raised to strengthen its operations in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia.

What Make TheLorry Different?

User-Friendly And Trustworthy: Through TheLorry, individual customers can do a transparent and reliable house moving and furniture transport. The organized and easy to use booking system is designed to serve users’ daily/monthly load demands. The customers can track the transporters to their location(s) and rate their performance on TheLorry application.

Crystal Clear Transparency: Through TheLorry application, the users can see their goods getting loaded and delivered from start to completion in real-time. This gives the power of visibility and transparency to the users at just their fingertips.

Affordability Is Prime: Owing to no-truck ownership, TheLorry provides streamlined and lower cost rates compared to traditional logistics companies. And not only can the users just track their goods but their spending power as well. The users can receive daily spending summary through which they can optimize their business expenditures.

The Road Map

Aside from using the funding to strengthen its position in the four mentioned markets, it will also be used to develop and improve the perception of lorry and truck drivers in their respective communities. “There is a lot of value in a lorry and truck driving career that many people have yet to see and appreciate,” said Nadhir Ashafiq, “We want to be the agent of change in uplifting the status and income of lorry and truck drivers in this region.” Since its Series A funding in 2016, TheLorry has managed to expand to Thailand and Indonesia just in 2018. According to Goh Chee Hau, TheLorry’s built ecosystem and optimized logistics technology continue to bring down logistics cost for its customers.

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