Taiger Singapore- An AI Startup Pioneering In Knowledge Process Optimization

Taiger Singapore

Taiger Singapore specializes in advance AI-engineered information extraction and access solutions that feat the meaning of unstructured and structured information with unmatched accuracy for government and industry leaders in the finance industry. As a result, reducing the costs and the human risk involved, and increasing the efficiency and trimming processes for organizations.

TaigerSingapore has a global scope with its offices in Hong Kong, Spain, Vietnam, and the US. The company uses human-like logic to provide knowledge work automation solutions by overcoming the limitations of traditional machine learning.

Taiger Singapore

The company was founded by Sinuhe Arroyo (CEO) in 2009 and under his leadership, the company has garnered various awards and recognition from Red Herring, Citi, and many others. Taiger Singapore has also achieved full IMDA-accreditation from the Singapore Government for its solution suite.

Sinuhe Arroyo as an expert in the field of AI has been invited to speak at various events such as TEDx and leading universities. Before Taiger Singapore, Dr. Arroyo has worked with phion, DERI, and iSOCO in strategy, M&A, partnering and project management respectively. He holds a Ph.D. in artificial intelligence from the University of Innsbruck and has also done MBA from the University Of Chicago Booth School Of Business.

Taiger Singapore- Automating Complex Cognitive Tasks

The AI solutions of the company use human-like logic to understand and judge the data to extract information, thus overcoming the limitations of machine learning. The AI-driven results offered claims to improve operational efficiencies for government organizations, insurance companies, and financial institutions globally. Taiger Singapore has recently expanded into the technology and legal industries.

Taiger Singapore

With its state-of-art technology and expertise, Taiger Singapore is well-positioned to capture the growth in the massive AI industry. It fundamentally improves operational efficiencies, reduces risk, and the running cost significantly. Taiger Singapore works with small volumes of data to train traditional machine learning models. Taiger’s solution portfolio is easy to use and does not need in-depth technical expertise.

The Road Map

Taiger Singapore has recently raised USD 25 million funding which was led by PacificBridge Asset Management and MCM Investment Partners. According to the company’s recent press statement, this funding has brought the company’s valuation to USD 110 million. Taiger’s anchor investor, Innovate has also committed for further investment to accelerate growth in the home country.

Taiger Singapore

According to Taiger Singapore, these funds will be used to further increase the geographic presence with plans to start in Japan and South Korea, as well as to expand its operations in South America especially Mexico.

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Image Source –TaigerSingapore Official Website, pixabay.com

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