StartupCon 2019- The Evolution of YouTube In Music Industry- By Jacquelle Horton


The taste and style of music have changed as society has evolved over the years. Music is indeed a reflection of our cultural evolution. Music has been a part of everyone's day to day life, from ceremonies, traditions, festivities to parties music played an important role. Over time, modern ways of connecting, developing, advertising and reaching out to people with different ways and styles are created with changing music, patterns, tones and lyrics and adding more fun elements to it. The evolution of YouTube has been just amazing.

Here is an insightful deep-dive session by Jacquelle Horton (Product Manager, Google) on the evolution of Youtube at the StartupCon 2019.

Growth Of Music At YouTube – 

  • Youtube started the trend of sitting in front of the camera and singing
  • Eventually, cover success and fandom took off 
  • Huge powerful audiences formed
  • Youtube success became valuable and Youtube influencers became immensely popular
  • With videos like Gangnam Style, the platform became bigger than mainstream 
  • The Platform became the default way to consume music


User Statistics – At A Glance

  • The platform boasts of nearly 1.9-1.10 billion logged-in monthly users.
  • In an average month, 8 out of 10 (18-50) years old watch YouTube
  • It is the second most visited site after Google
  • Among millennials, YouTube accounts for two-thirds of the premium online video watched across devices
  • In 2018, 95 % of the most-watched videos were music videos

Strategy Used To Become What It Is Today

  • YouTube recognized its unique power early on even when others didn’t
  • Focused and stayed true to its core strength
  • Fought hard through tough odds to keep music rising
  • Huge audiences spoke for themselves to prove the success
  • Continued developing and investing in what works

How Can You Apply Youtube’s Success Strategy For Your Startup


  • Know exactly what your key strength is 
  • Stay focused - don’t try to do everything 
  • Fight for what you believe in 4. Focus on the users and the rest will follow 
  • Find what works then keep iterating 
  • Bonus: Apply tech to solve REAL user problems

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