Singapore Startup Nutrition Innovation- A Salubrious Sweetened Alternative

Intense research has brought bright advancements and developments to day to day life. Sugar is one sweet element, the absence of which hinders the taste of the food. But the amount of processing sugar production undergoes is huge.

Cost Effective And Healthy Sugar

Nutrition Innovation aimed at reducing the glycemic content of sugar that the population consumes. A substitute to the naturally processed sugar, in which regular sugar can be replaced with the low glycemic content sugar in food and beverages. This sweetener is increasingly cost effective too! Nutrition Innovation aims in promoting a healthier way of producing sugar with reduced refining stages to help either way.

The commonly available sugar has a notably higher glycemic index count making it highly unsuitable for fitness. Further, it is identified to increase the risk of acting as a major cause for diabetes and steady weight gain leading to obesity. With highly processed sugar, Nutrition Innovation decided to bring about the way people look upon healthier content of sugar.

Mending The Way Sugar Should Be!

Nutrition Innovation, a Singapore-based startup rewrote the fate of processed sugar. Within a higher risk to causing major chronic diseases, a rising concern pushed the company to a patent on the product Nucane, a proven low glycemic content sugar suitable as an alternative to regular sugar in combating obesity and diabetics.

The Nutrition Innovation founder David Kannar aims to transform the way how people consume sugar by replacing the dynamics of sugar industry by empowering sugar mills to produce raw sugar with a Low GI index compared to the white refined pure sugar. This also endows the development of better and safe products of food and beverages right from the mills and refineries.

The company has raised $5 million US dollars in funding for the project. Itis currently funded by a food tech company called VisVires New Protein (VVNP) and a UK based company called Energy.

The Road Map

The company is currently busy in rolling out factories across the globe in Thailand, Australia, and Malaysia.

It is also partnering with several mills and refineries in producing Low GI sugar for their foods and beverages. It is working on integrating sugar rich with proteins and fibre and up to 70% less of the sugared component in sweetened foods.

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