Singapore Milu Labs – Making Way To World-Class Diagnostic Facility

The medical industry is always known for the vast research conducted through Labs and development through clinical experiments and diagnostics. Milu Labs is one such startup based on New York and Singapore. Milu Labs emphasize technological solutions with a prime concentration on maternal fetal medicine and women’s health. The startup yearns to grab the position of being Asia's leading diagnostic and Analysis Company.

Expertise With Medical Services

Technology is the fuel for innovation, and Milu Labs incorporates them well.  The Labs aim at utilizing the most powerful technologies available to diagnose, screen and carry out testing for some of the most prevalent diseases among the population and the most dangerous of diseases.

To prove the capability of Milu Labs, the start-up encompasses a technical team of various expertise fields, and also owing to diverse skills and knowledge of the unit crew. The lab offers cutting-edge technologies for accurate and precise diagnosis. Milu Labs were started with an aim to provide world-class provocative technologies in diagnosing diseases and stand an ability to deliver the procured services to the largest population possible.

Precision Over Diagnosis

The Milu Labs wish to incorporate leading build technologies to screen and understand major clinical conditions and diseases. The company agreed to a collaboration with NX Parental, a women’s healthcare diagnostic company in January. Bringing in and filling the gaps between the existing facilities for healthcare and diagnostics along with future procurements of advanced technology is what the company focusses on.

The company received funding over the first seeding round completion from Manga investment, a leading South Korean financial institution for healthcare VC, and Turret Capital, an active investor in Life sciences companies.

Milu Labs – Fuelled By Innovation

Technology plays a wide role in the assertion of diseases and health conditions. The Labs concentrate on using exosomes, and a platform of other various technologies to provide a lead in testing the most typical diseases affecting humans. Helping millions of patients with technologies affordable for diagnosis is the main aim with which the start-up is built upon.

The Labs are focusing on building a complete platform to develop the most exciting diagnostic facilities by collaborating with leading institutions globally as the scientific advisory committee. With future advancements, the startup aims to enhance the standard of competing for disease diagnostics and analysis care to a higher level in Asia.

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