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If you have been so much into advertisements, then one prominent advertisement creator in the field is SilverPush.  It was nascent in Gurugram, Haryana India, launched by the curators Hitesh Chawla, Aman Nagpal, and Vivek Bajpai in the year 2012.  From then on, SilverPush is all about innovations and technology-oriented in their services to their clients.

For Tech-Savvy Advertisements

The silverPush brings in a variety of services to its customers based on the attention that advertisements and brands get in the market. This lead to building a forum where the SilverPush had created a strong platform in enlightening their clients on how to understand their customer base and how well can the brands reach their customers.

The SilverPush Company presently holds a wide customer base in around more than 12 countries and 200 and more counting customers, whose vision and experience have been changed completely. In the current rate, the company is covering much more than 13,000 ads that go public in over 400+ channels each day.

Transforming Business

Initially, the company in the year 2013 started setting up push notification advertisements to mark its beginning among the global population. After which in 2014, it started up to the launch the first DSP platform for India. It was the first product in India and from the start gained many audiences and appreciation in the digital world.

The first DSP product was launched to provide attributing solutions from TV to mobiles. SilverPush believes in strong innovation and technological baselines for leaving digital footprints and how people view digital advertisements ways.

The company presently is funded by freak out a Japanese company, M&S from Singapore, 500 start-ups a global venture capital seed fund and IDG Ventures India.

Digital Advertising

On a broad ground, SilverPush tracks users across various devices and data are collected from a single user who even uses multiple devices to identify a set of accurate tracking. It is a leading industry that bridges the customer journey among the TV-search-Social- Mobile. Every interaction marks a piece of information, is a way in advertising the digital brand to the next range of customers numbers.

The silverPush offers real-time time and sync across all digital channels. The company is also currently aimed at raising the digital advertising standards and offers innovative video fingerprint matching technology to detect TV ads in real-time.







Currently, SilverPush is aiming to redefine the way in which digital advertisements is looked at with its own innovative ideas forte.

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