See-Mode- World Without Strokes

See-Mode Technologies is a technological, medical based start-up. The company aims at embarking upon death due to stroke, the 2nd largest reason of death around the globe.

See-mode technologies bridge a deal with medicos in empowering clinicians in enabling them to predict attack in advance and tackle the disease. The company identifies the major aid of artificial intelligence, computational fluid dynamics and cloud computing and the perks it could offer in controlling the disease.

About See-Mode

The data from the software results are planned to equip well-defined information to the neurologist and the doctor community to sees the risk due to a stroke attack. It is a Singapore based start-up that manages the methods of predicting strokes and leverage better solutions to problems. It all started with the founder Milad Mohammadzadeh felt the ambiguous and improper data on blood flow that correlates stroke.

The investors in funding the start-up See-mode are cocoon capital. Blackbird, elf, and SG innovate. This is a very important clinical tool which isn’t a progressed plan in the current medical world. See-mode has a seed type of funding status. It has raised a total of $1 M over 2 rounds.

Technology Elucidation

With increased tests and scans taken for patients and innumerable reports generated each day, See-Mode saw a technological innovation in this routine medical practice. The images that were created and collected were analyzed routinely to predict stroke.

The company has created a suite of software for medical applications that enables doctors to obtain a report of the critical risk factors for stroke that are inaccessible during any clinical practice.

The exact working of this interface is like the test images from ultrasound scans, and MRI scans are inputted into the software, and a prediction of critical stroke and its risk factors are identifiable. There is no extra imaging needed, and no exact workflow is required.

The Score

The technology used allows for faster and quicker result analysis and reports of vascular ultrasound. There is a very accurate reporting of image interpretation. With routine static images and effective dynamic blood flow analysis, a through stroke prognostication of stroke is possible. The work interface is much easier and adaptable, with no requirement to vary the workflow.

The Road Map

With such an innovative beginning to the era of technology binding with the medical field, it is a great start to the tackle diseases and posts a pathway for more of such startup ideas that help in saving lives just like See-Mode.

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