Saleswhale Singapore – Asia’s Largest Artificial Intelligence Sales Platform

Saleswhale Singapore

Saleswhale  Singapore, an AI-based sales assistance platform, engages and qualifies marketing-generated leads at scale, through two-way intelligent e-mail conversations and overqualified leads to sales representatives. The AI-based platform allows to customize your sales assistant and help you engage all your marketing generated leads.

  • Saleswhale platform for marketing teams – Automated platform to identify the most sales-ready leads.
  • Saleswhale platform for Sales teams – This platform provides a 24/7 assistance and identifies sales ready pitches. The rest of the team only focuses on converting those pitches into closed deals.

Saleswhale Singapore

Saleswhale believes that “AI assistance will become abundant in the near future”. The requirement of a scalable and cost-efficient solution that delivers a return on investment, bridges-marketing gap and support sales. Saleswhale uses Natural language Processing (NLP) to attain the functionality of the platform and the company.

Strong Funding Pipeline

Saleswhale Singapore has announced that the AI sales assisted platform has managed to secure a whopping USD 5.3 million series of funding led by Monk’s Hill Venture and joined by GREE Ventures, Wavemaker Partners and Y-Combinator. Saleswhale focuses mostly on mid-market and large enterprises.

The funds will be used to improve the present technological upliftment by introducing a decision engine that allows real-life human operators to check AI based processing. Depending on multiple outputs, the correct response them will be selected and constructed by Saleswhale and to reply to the clients in human understandable language. The AI also works on collecting important client data from email conversations and thereby keeping the database updated.

Get Acquainted With The Well-Planned Road Map of Saleswhale Singapore

Saleswhale Singapore, as an organization, dreamt and desired to create a future where AI and humans work hand in hand. Since 2016, Saleswhale has help mid-market and large enterprises reduce cumbersome work by introducing AI that focuses on generating leads through repetitive email marketing for those enterprises so that the B2B sales rep to settle and close sales opportunities. The AI started as an entity that clarified repetitive tedious work and later transformed into a client and leads identification entity. With sales and other technological advances, the AI has also worked on improving the education system facilities by following up with thousands of students who are applicants of the long enrolment process, until they are ready to make their big decisions. The Saleswhale manages this by engaging with everyone over email without fail.

Saleswhale Singapore

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