Redefining Accessible Insurance In Phillipines– Saphron

With a developing passion for offering people with accessible choices, a start-up took bold measures in imbibing technology to deliver in what it desires to. Valuing people is one quality that plays a major role in business and the prime aim is to leave the customers satisfied and safe with the concern. Such is the start of Saphron!

Insurance With An Assurance

Rendering a financial grip to people is a difficult task in all. Proper financial flexibility with assistance is always necessary to raise the status of a family as well as the standards of a country. Saphron, a Philippines based start-up founded by Kiko Reyes Jr, aims at increasing the popularity of insurance and make it accessible to families and make them aware of the benefits of a sound insurance plan.

The company aims to make proper measures in aiding families around the region with financial protection and assistance. It also aims to enrich the customer experience through the process of acquiring an insurance cover. It makes sure to aid clients in identifying innovative ways of financing and enriching the experience of customers with the company.

Pairing Up With Technology

With increasing trends of technology in our day to day life, there is increased expectations over things to fall into place easily. Saphron is planned to incorporate transformative platforms using technology to solve the day to day needs and combining with establishing a partnership with localized companies over the region.

Its main aim is to seamlessly protect things, people and experiences close to people and which clients value the most. With ardent passion over fusing technology, the products from the company are aimed to be a customer-centric and convenient edge over every other possibility.

The Road Map

With an experience of 50 plus years in the financing, fintech, digital transformation, collaboration platforms, business building by the team of Saphron, they excoriate in building a reliable solution to financial problems.The Philippines based start-up has acquired a $1 million US dollars in seed funding. Sage currently funds the company, a VC fund that focusses on funding start-ups, Talino labs that favor digital transformations at prime levels.

Saphron is desired to use robust technology to handle an overall digital experience in finances and insurance for clients. Together with a massive digital counterpart, the company aims to supply suitable covers, convenient payments, and easy claims at hand.

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