QueQ Thailand- A Virtual Queuing Startup

QueQ Thailand

QueQ Thailand is a free mobile app which can help users to do away with lines and unnecessary waiting time at restaurants or retail outlets by bringing the queue to your smartphones.

QueQ Thailand allows users to book for queues for their destination from as far as 2km or at a distance of their preference. The users can view the queue for a location around them, for instance- a mall within their vicinity. The app also has a family sharing option where up to six members can use this app if family sharing is enabled.

QueQ Thailand

The company was founded by Rungsun Joh Prompasith in 2015. Before launching QueQ, Mr. Prompasith used to run a software development house company. The inspiration to conceptualize QueQ Thailand came when he was assigned a task from a restaurant. This restaurant asked Mr. Prompasith to invent a queuing system.

No More Standing In Queues With QueQ Thailand

With a touch of a button, users can simply request a number from the app to queue up whether it is a retail outlet or for dining. Once the number is allotted, the user can wait for their turn while being at home or anywhere else instead of standing in the line at their destination.

QueQ Thailand

Every outlet has the option to customize its distance access- so from 100 meters to tens of kilometer ahead, the customers can get access to their queuing tickets. The queue length is updated in real-time through the app and when the turn comes users are notified via an alert on the app to reach the outlet on time.

Funding –All Sorted!

QueQ Thailand has recently secured USD 2.8 million in funding from True Incube, a local startup investor along with participation from Bon Angel’s Venture Partners from South Korea.

QueQ’s Growth So Far And The Way Forward

QueQ Thailand boasts of more than 2 million active users in Thailand alone. The app is being used by more than 80 big restaurant chains, over 800 malls, and more than 2000 F&B businesses.

The QueQ app hosts more than 100,000 users in Malaysia. The similarities between Thailand and Malaysian market in terms of food, shopping, and time spent in malls made Malaysia the first choice for its expansion. The company has also rolled out a Key Partner Program in 2019 that offers wide-ranging benefits to partnering F&B merchants round the year.

QueQ Thailand also plans to transform itself into a lifestyle platform to address the pain-point i.e. standing in long queues at F&B outlets. The app aims to strengthen itself with the ability to book an appointment with retailers and also help other sectors such as banks, hospitals, telcos, clinics, government service centers and other customer service centers which often have long waiting times.

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Image Source –QueQ Thailand Official Website, pixabay.com

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