Phillipines Inteluck – The Best Platform For Data-Driven Logistics Services

Headquartered in Singapore, the Philippine-based Logistic Startup Inteluck was founded by Kevin Zhang in the year 2014. The Logistic Startup offers excellent data-driven logistics platform services to businesses all over Southeast Asia.

Besides that, Inteluck provides freight forwarding, contract logistics, trucking, distribution, and customized supply chain services to shippers to help them make efficient use of resources, minimize logistics cost, enhance efficacy and get rid of waste in the best way possible. In addition to all these services, the Philippine-based Logistic Startup provides truckers with a great deal of assistance so that they can get more deliveries, increase revenue, schedule backloads, and obtain instant financial services. At present, Inteluck’s network consists of over 1,000 small vehicle logistics service providers and 12,000 certified trucks, servicing 100 medium and large local and international businesses who ship various products in the Philippines.

Robust Funding Fuelling Future Growth

Philippine-based logistic startup Inteluck has declared that it has managed to secure the funding led by FutureCap, an early-stage China-based VC along with a number of other venture capital firms.
This major investment by FutureCap brought its total capital under management to US$360 million.  The VC has been investing in various sectors such as artificial intelligence (AI), smart travel, big data, high-end manufacturing, Internet of Things, IT, medical devices, and aerospace. Lastly, the company stated that the funds would be utilized to integrate more resources and further improve its network in the Philippines.

Offerings At A Glance

Inteluck will be partaking in the estimated value of US$60.22 billion freight and logistics market in the Philippines within a span of four years. Most importantly, in the year 2018, logistics accounted for twenty percent of the country’s U$332.45-billion GDP. Inteluck is getting prepared for a new round of fundraising. Moreover, the company is looking forward to giving a boost to its dominance in the Philippines further and expand its service to the rest of the Southeast Asian markets.

The Road Map

It cannot be denied that data-driven logistics services have become a requirement for most businesses. Nonetheless, it is imperative to ensure that enterprises select the right service provider.

Inteluck strives to utilize the power of technology in the best way possible in order to provide top-notch services in the logistics industry.

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