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Perx Technologies

Anna Gong founded the immensely popular client engagement and loyalty platform provider Perx in the year 2011. Perx Technologies supports enterprises with an all in one solution that amalgamates omnichannel technologies and SaaS loyalty management systems to make online as well as offline engagement much more convenient.

Perx Technologies

The company's headquarters is situated in Singapore and the immensely popular algorithm-based platform scrutinizes the behavioral patterns of its clients and offers customized, provisional, and targeted offers according to their requirements. Also, Perx Technologies secured investment from well-known investors such as NCORE VENTURES, Access Ventures as well as returning investors Eduardo Saverin and Capital Management Group. World-famous brands such as Prudential, UOB, Abenson Group, and HSBC are among the B2C names that have benefited a great deal from Perx's services.

Perx Technologies

Perx Technologies - The Way Ahead!

Perx Technologies has made a declaration that it has managed to secure USD 5 million in Series B round from renowned investors such as  LINE Ventures, Access Ventures, NCORE VENTURES, and many strategic family workplaces as well as returning investors. Speaking of the fund's utilization, the company will use the money to fuel their research and strengthen development endeavors, procuring more clients, and building healthy relationships with known technological firms. The management definitely has a vision.

Perx Technologies

A Solid Roadmap

The vision of Perx is affirmed by international corporations who have triumphantly benefited from the remarkable platform. Perx Technologies aims to be considered amongst the most rapidly advancing SaaS platforms so that the startup can scale its customer engagement solutions and reach more markets. The firm can pore on giving a notable boost to their sales and revenue while keeping a constant check on the engagement rates as well as the redemption rates via different available options or their ecosystem. In the year 2018, Perx united with the Fintech ecosystem of Oracle Banking by consolidating with Oracle Open Banking APIs. The result of this unison was phenomenal as it created the ability for retail banking clients to avail instant cashback upon successfully fulfilling campaign targets.  Quite innovative indeed!

Perx Technologies

Final Words 

It is quite seeming that banks are progressively looking forward to working together with innovative firms in order to offer something of unique value to their end clients. For this very reason, there is an ostensible need for an efficacious and advanced approach. Perx is one of the best loyalty platform providers that enables banks to service their clients in new and creative ways. 

Perx Technologies

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