Pencil Singapore- AI-Powered Creative Platform For Performance Advertisers

Pencil Singapore

Pencil Singapore an artificial intelligence-powered creative agency develops and sketches ideas that help brands to thrive in the real world. Their first enterprise product, Studio, which is a creative platform, enables the advertisers to generate personalized advertising content. It is targeted at major e-commerce businesses, agencies, and brands who need to create more content than their teams possibly can.

Pencil Singapore is one of the first creative AI platform across the globe for digital advertising teams in agencies and brands. They help in generating ad copies and visuals for any kind of product and audience while predictively optimizing for brand relevance, conversion, and creativity.

Pencil Singapore

The company was founded by Will Hanschell and Sumukh Avadhani in 2018. Prior to Pencil Singapore, Mr. Hanschell was a partner and management consultant of agency Iris Worldwide and Mr. Avadhani is an ex-googler with a specialization in deep learning and computer vision.

Tell Your Story With Pencil

Pencil Singapore uses algorithms to produce visuals and advertising language that are predicted to be on-brand, efficient, and creative. The Studio’s technology works by first using computational power to experiment and then artificial intelligence pattern detection moves forward to identify the best ideas.

The AI builds on your ideas in workflow and creatively builds a brand profile from historic ads. Besides that, customers can scale their creative vision without spending a lot of time doing it.

Pencil Singapore brings a new creative economy where brands can increase their viewability by personalizing digital marketing to micro-audience only at a fraction of cost and time as compared to a typical campaign. It also optimizes CPA by skillfully merchandising client’s product feeds while you can adapt and extend your creative team’s assets without breaking the guidelines.

The company aims at making ads better and empowers the creative and media teams with technology that they might have been waiting for. The idea is to find that intersection between a good design and business objective.

The Way Forward For Pencil Singapore

The company has recently secured USD 1.1 million funding led by VC Wavemaker Partners along with Entrepreneur First and SGInnovate. However, the seed funding round was led by VC Wavemaker, a Singapore and US-based company. For this seed round, the investors and advisors included NUS Professor Min-Yen Kan along with members of Xoogler Angels.

Pencil Singapore plans to use these funds on Studio and further expansion of the company. The company also plans to use the funding amount to hire engineering and customer success talent, extend patent-pending technology, and grow proprietary datasets.

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