One BioMed Singapore- Offering Cutting-Edge Medical Diagnostic Platform

OneBioMed Singapore

One BioMed Singapore, a medical diagnostic company is a spin-off of A*Star’s (Agency for Science, Technology, and Research) IME (Institute of Microelectronics). One BioMed Singapore has developed a POC (point-of-care) diagnostic platform by using two patented technologies- a silicon biophotonics sensor and a chemistry-based nucleic acidic extraction. One BioMed aims to address global health needs.

The company was founded by Dr. Mi-Kyoung Park. She is a Ph.D. Chemist with twelve years of academic and industrial research experience in polymer chemistry, surface science, biotechnology, and nanotechnology. She is also an expert in in-virto diagnostic devices for infectious disease and cancer detection. She has done her higher studies from the University of Houston.

One BioMed Singapore- A Step Forward To Improve Medical Diagnostic In Healthcare

Until now, early disease detection using molecular diagnostics was limited in both speed and cost.   With one of its kind medical diagnostic platform in One BioMed Singapore, the doctors and patients do not need to wait for days for samples to be sent to a central laboratory for tests.

One BioMed Singapore offers cutting-edge, digital-health, MDx (molecular diagnostic) platform technologies that are poised to revolutionize early infectious disease detection at POC. The company’s technology enables instantaneous detection of both viral and bacterial infections in less than 30 minutes. All this is done in a fully automated format which is at par in terms of the cost of a single MDx test in a central laboratory. This gives physicians a tool to precisely diagnose a panel of diseases based solely on symptoms.

Funding-All Sorted!

One BioMed Singapore has recently announced that they have been able to raise US$5 million funding. The funding round was led by BioPath Ventures and US-based Arch Venture Partners besides the participation from SEEDS Capital, Singapore’s investment arm.

The Road Map Ahead

The first flagship product of the company is a simple, affordable, and cohesive diagnostic device that enables faster detection of infectious diseases based on a unique silicon biophotonic technology platform. This automatic sample preparation device purifies and isolates nucleic acids from a variety of samples, which is the first step in most of the clinical diagnostic and molecular biological technologies.

OneBioMed Singapore

One BioMed Singapore will be using the funds to commercialize its first product. According to the company sources, its sample preparation device is the foundation upon which it will build the next platforms. They plan to do this through the integration of molecular diagnostic tools that will include silicon biophotonics sensing technology for POC infectious disease detection.

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