Nutrition Technologies- Manufacturing Sustainable Animal Feed Ingredients For A Better World

Nutrition Technoloiges Malaysia

Nutrition Technologies is a biotech company with its flagship production facility in Malaysia with supporting sites in Singapore, UK, and Vietnam. The company manufactures and supplies sustainable oils, proteins, and frass to help feed the increasing agriculture, aquaculture, and animal feed industries across the world. Their core products are derived by using black soldier fly larvae in a nutrient recycling process to recover nutrients from grain and vegetable by-products.

The Journey So Far

The company was originally conceived to provide a solution for relieving pressure on ocean fish stocks. Nutrition Technologies was founded in 2014 by Nick Piggott and Thomas Berry and the first commercial production site in Johor, Malaysia started in 2018. 

Nutrition Technologies aims to become a leading provider in alternative solutions to address the protein deficit across the world. Their growing team of entomologists, biologists, business leaders, and engineers are supported by an advisory board consisting of animal nutritionists, university professors, risk strategists, financers.

Nutrition Technoloiges Malaysia

The company embraces various cost-saving green technologies and optimizes the local climatic conditions to boost the black soldier fly larvae quality, efficiency, and yield beyond the industry standards.

What Nutrition Technologies Brings On The Table?

The company has a unique tropical production system which is a combination of both bacteria and insects to produce high-value proteins of low-grade agricultural and industrial waste.

Nutrition Technoloiges Malaysia

The protein meal is derived 100% from the black soldier fly larvae. This is ideal for pigs, chickens, fish, and shrimps and can help in improving their growth and health metrics. The oil produced by the company has zero trans-fats thus making it a great source of energy for chickens and piglets. Besides that, the dry black soldier fly larvae act as a feed for ornamental fish, chickens, birds, pigs, and reptiles. The live larvae’s are collected and shipped daily by the company to feed carnivores, reptiles, fish, and birds.

The Way Forward - Looks Exciting!

Nutrition Technoloiges Malaysia

Nutrition Technologies has developed a research partnership with some of the key institutions across the region to develop their products. The company also recently announced that it has raised an undisclosed amount of funding from a host of investors. The funding round was led by Openspace Ventures and SEEDs Capital-an investment arm of Enterprise Singapore. They plan to use these proceedings for establishing an insect production facility in South East Asia with a capacity of producing 18000 tonnes of insect-based organic fertilizers and feed ingredients every year. The company also plans to continue its black soldier fly biology and genetics research.

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