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In today’s fast-paced world, health often takes a back seat which often results in health problems and other lifestyle diseases later on. Keeping this in mind Naluri, a health-tech startup based in Malaysia offers professional coaching and therapies to help you become mentally and physically resilient. 

The company offers both in-person and therapy sessions with their professional psychologist. Their digital platform that combines data science, behavior science, and digital design to help the users achieve a healthy lifestyle conveniently and affordably.

Naluri was founded by Azran Osman-Rani, ex AirAsia CEO; Hariyati Abdul Majid- she was a Director at International Islamic University Malaysia, and; Jeremy Ting who worked as an Associate Principal at McKinsey & Company. The company was formed in 2017 to help the mass population become healthier.

Naluri Malaysia

Naluri Combines Technology With Health

Naluri’s digital treatment program is personalized according to the user’s physical, emotional, and mental needs while helping them to build mental resilience needed to manage their specific health challenges. Whether it is obesity, diabetes, heart disease or the individual is suffering from depression, anxiety or stress, Naluri’s one small step at a time approach ensures that you get to the best of your health. People can manage their chronic disease risks through structured psychological and multi-disciplinary behavioral coaching.

One can get a health risk assessment done to find out more about their health risk. This test is based on the user’s self-declared facts. Naluri’s health risk assessment factors have been validated by the Malaysian Ministry of Health. 

Get healthier with Naluri’s personalized digital health program

By using the Naluri platform, the user gets connected to a team of health professionals that includes- dieticians, psychologists, executive coaches, holistic health coach, fitness coaches, financial planners, pharmacists, and medical advisors.

Naluri Malaysia

Tools such as food journals, planners, daily modules, and though journals help the individual learn, plan and self-monitor their progress.

Naluri offers health programs for both corporates and insurers which emphasizes on the importance of both mental and physical health.

Naluri’s Promising Road Map

Naluri has recently announced that it has received a funding amount of US$1.5 million. The investment was led by a Berlin- based venture capital firm, Global Founders Capital. TH Capital, Stanford-StartX Fund, and private investors including doctor’s as well as the company’s existing investors also participated in the funding.

Naluri Malaysia

The company plans to use this amount for expanding its user base, hiring, and forming partnerships with corporate employers, leading insurers, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare providers.

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