Musiio- using AI to help you make a better playlist

Artificial Intelligence has made inroads into many fields and the music industry is no different. The algorithms for mixing and mastering audio can have a great impact on what we hear. Musiio, a Singapore based tech-startup has used the latest in AI technology to help music lovers build a playlist of their choice.

The concept

We often find ourselves endlessly scrolling to find music of our own choice on the various music platforms. The fact is that we know in our head want we want to hear. However, beyond a couple of our favorite artists, we don’t know how to find more of it. Musiio, founded by Hazel Savage and Aron Petterson have used the AI technology to ‘sort through’ or ‘listen to’ numerous new tracks released online every day.

Hazel Savage is a music tech from the UK with 14 years of experience in the music industry and Aron Petterson is a Swedish software engineer who with a degree in Physics specializes in Neural Networks and machine learning. Both of them are now based out of Singapore.

Features offered by Musiio

Musiio is a music platform where thousands of tracks can be sorted into identifiable categories so as to enable users with easy access to music they like. As a result, users end up getting a playlist of their own featuring new artists and content that is more relevant to their desired genre. In fact, users can listen to 30k new songs released every day with Musiio!

The company uses a combination of feature attraction and deep learning in order to identify and comprehend the patterns and characteristics of a track. Both Savage and Petterson believe that publishers and record labels will work more efficiently as they search for quality, without relying on third party data such as Spotify plays or Facebook.

Musiio’s way forward

Musiio’s journey has been impressive so far, in fact, the company has recently secured 1million USD seed round from Singapore’s Wavemaker Partners. Prior to this, it secured its first deal out of its Entrepreneur First program that was worth USD 57000.  The company’s clients include FMA (Free Music Archive), the public music site by independent U.S radio station WFMU.

The company’s focus is to reduce the inefficiencies in music curation by using AI that augments the human curator’s work. The main objective is to give an opportunity to those who don’t have the time to scroll various other music platforms to automate or partially automate the music search process.

To conclude, with Musiio; labels, publishers, and streaming services can maximize engagement, improve customer experience and increase their market share.

So what are you waiting for, get in touch with the team today!

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