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Redifing the trends in moving is a specialty of Moovaz, a Singaporean company. With simple logistics and moving being carried out in thousands and lakhs each day, Moovaz tries to add life to the process of logistics. With this motive, Moovaz has become one significant leader to the logistics and moving industry of Singapore.

How Did They Make It?

With high charm levels, a fine group of entrepreneurs and experts from the industry conjoined to start this desirous start-up. They aimed at promoting a life being moved along with all the inanimate things of yours. But after all the basic idea sparked from their own frustrations in relocations and pains in the process.

An Inspirational Start

Moovaz had a futuristic transformational perception to relocations. With the industrial competitors boasting of promises to keep their things safe and ensure a quicker moving, which eventually lands up in the damaged product, Moovaz is something different.

The logistics industry never is transparent with its process, bringing in a lot of communication gaps but Moovaz aims at changing the entire operation.

Focussing on this thought helped the founders Jerry Chua, Junxian Lee, Vishnu Vasudevan to improvise on the missions and challenges that the company is going to face on providing the solution to all the client's logistical problems. The company had gained a $1 M within its two rounds of fundraising.

With so much into logistics, Moovaz has gained much recognition that has acclaimed the exclusive membership into the International Association Of Movers  (IAM). IAM is the industry’s much premier institute for global trade associations for logistics, shipping, and its related services.

How Is Moovaz Different?

There is much of an elite process that Moovaz leads its clients into. The company democratizes the global agility process to enable you some hassle-free and time-saving movement.

The company harnesses the latest technologies to aid in its business. With the usage of big data and machine learning, the relocation process has become much easier. The data analyses various factors like demand, geography along with real-time algorithms for checking in some reliable solution to your relocation ultimatum.

Apart from that, these technologies provide solutions that are much reliable and cost-effective in all means. The data are secured using high-end blockchain technology to ensure privacy. With high-end technologies, Moovaz has opened doors for hassle-free and accountable services in relocating to a newer country with all safety and security that you will never be ensured by any other.

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