Lifetrack Medical System Singapore- A Change In The Course Of Radiology

Lifetrack Medical Philippines

Lifetrack Medical Singapore works towards the enhancement and efficient transmission of medical imagery. They work on the traditional procedures of the radiology server (RIS/PACS) which require high bandwidth capacity and very expensive hardware facilities. Lifetrack Medical Systems enjoy the privilege to be the world’s first truly distributed radiology platform which is -

  • Scalable – To hundreds of medical institutes and radiologists.
  • Productive – Efficient and productive due to the easy access and systematic outlook of the platform.
  • Cost-effective - Lifetrack Medical Systems Singapore operates on a cloud platform reducing the price of use and investments on the service, making it highly accessible to the stakeholders.

Lifetrack Medical Singapore

The average citizen can now avail professional advice on peculiar issues from doctors on the other end of the platform. The people availing the services are present around the world, and a few of these countries are the United States, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Philippines  Bangladesh, Singapore, and Nigeria.

Lifetrack Medical Singapore Funding Platform

Lifetrack Medical Singapore manages to win the trust of the stakeholders to raise a whopping USD 5.2 million in the Series A funding, i.e. led by UOB Venture Management (UOBVM) with Asia Impact Investment Fund (AIIF), featuring Global tech giant, i.e. Philips and the existing investor, i.e. Kickstart Ventures have also participated in the round of funding.

Lifetrack Medical Singapore

The Singapore-based healthcare start-up is pumped up to improve medical connectivity and facilities in rural areas, with the fund. They also tend to include expensive servers, hardware's and promote 4-G and 5-G connectivity in these areas. Life Track Medical Singapore has planned to extend its services more towards Medical IT informatics – using cloud and nodes to connect information, healthcare administration and including AI technology to automate the repetitive medical requirements.

The Roadmap

Lifetrack Medical Singapore

Lifetrack Medical Singapore, CEO & The Founder Mr. Eric Schulze co-founded the very first teleradiology company in 2013 (at the US) that existed in 2011 so as to Alliance Imaging. Soon after he founded the Lifetrack Medical Systems that would work out to be the game changer for the radiology department. After that came the high architecture next generation (RIS/PACS) which is easy to use, excellent User Experience, robust and efficient. This architecture ensures lightning-fast access and runtime with reliable availability. The consumers face no problem with the services and the platform together with desirability in the secondary market. Innovation and growth is the sole motive of Lifetrack Medical Singapore.

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Lifetrack Medical Singapore

Keep an eye on this innovative startup and many more such startups.

Image Source- LifeTrack Medical SingaporeOfficial Website.

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