Leben Care, Singapore- An AI Based Ophthalmology Platform

Leben Care

Leben Care, a Singapore-based healthcare company offers artificial intelligence-based solutions that focus on improving the quality of care and diagnosis across areas of life sciences. Company’s flagship offering Netra.AI uses cutting-edge algorithms with a four-step Deep Convolution Neural Network to enable automated and point of care retinal image analysis.

Leben Care was founded by Nitin Srivastava, Imran Akthar, and Theenathayalan Parthasarathy in 2016. Besides Singapore, the company has a presence in India, Africa, Japan, and Australia through partnerships with distributors and ophthalmology centers.

AI-Powered Solutions To Fight Avoidable Blindness

Leben Care uses the AI algorithms to enable automated analysis of retina image which can be used by the optometrists, technicians, and nurses. They can carry out basic screening tests with minimum specialist intervention and can deliver real-time reports.

Leben Care’s Netra.AI Platform

Netra.AI platform has been conceptualized to offer all ophthalmology related AI solutions. The algorithms are developed under the guidance of leading experts in the retina from across the world. This platform ensures that there is a reduction in the incidence of blindness by timely identifications of patients who are at risk. Besides that, it also offers insights to the medical practitioners to enable improved diagnostic outcome.

The Netra Screen has been designed to transform retinal screening with a low cost, scalable, accurate, fast, and automated risk profiling. The screen is accessed through direct integration with the Fundus camera application or cloud-based web portal. The Netra Screen can analyze the Fundus images within minutes for Glaucoma, Diabetic Macular Edema, Diabetic Retinopathy, and various other retinal conditions.

This artificial intelligence-powered screen can virtually eliminate loss arising out of poor assessment since image quality assessment is done in real-time. It also gives insights to the users thus acting as a patient education tool. The advanced tools used in this platform empower the medical practitioners to make a faster and accurate diagnosis for the patient.

The doctors and patients can manage and view retinal changes that happen over time through Netra Track. It maintains a record of retinal images and upon every follow-up visits, it automatically detects and highlights changes if any to ensure better visualization and control.

Leben Care raises funding to offer better AI-based retinal diagnostics & screening solutions

The company has recently secured funding from India-based IP Ventures. The amount of funding has not been disclosed by the company, however, it plans to use these funds for strengthening its product, sales, and marketing team.

Keep a watch on this innovative startup and many such innovative startups.

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