In this era of online retailers and the increasing popularity of eCommerce brands, the customers are delighted with a more convenient experience when compared to the online business owners. Added to the pre-existing costs, business owners are required to manage their own logistics and delivery fleets to be relevant in the field. Considering the same, the average cost of maintaining a business has gone up significantly. To ease the pressure on business owners, Lalamove (previously known as EasyVan) and its concept to provide affordable delivery services to business owners have aided the company to acquire US$100 million in funding.


Assured 55-minute Delivery

When distributing goods, short delivery durations are deemed incredibly desirable to both the customer and the business owners.

Lalamove acknowledges that and assures a 55-minute local door-to-door delivery which, ultimately, allows business owners to improve upon the customer experience.

Dedicated Mobile Application

Lalamove has developed native applications for popular mobile platforms which allow owners to monitor, schedule, and analyze their deliveries in real-time. Owing to the application, business owners can seamlessly manage their logistics without any major hassles.

Real-Time Monitoring

Lalamove allows business owners to track their deliveries in real-time with in-built tracking features within the dedicated application.

This enables you to assure that your deliveries are reaching their assigned destinations within the assurance period.

Loyalty Programs

If you’re someone who frequently collaborates with Lalamove and its services, then you’ll be eligible for the company’s loyalty programs. With these programs, you can avail additional discounts on the Lalamove services to lower your overall logistics cost further.


Lalamove allows you only to avail the services that are relevant to you and your business. Depending on the size and the number of deliverable goods, you choose your own transport vehicle for the delivery and pay accordingly.

The Road Map

Lalamove is one of the major contributing links that is bound to make the field of eCommerce a level field for both customers and business owners. From the funding aid, Lalamove has been able to expand its services to over 100 Asian cities mainly situated in China and Southeast Asia. Their mission is to ascend their services to a global level where any online retailer can employ their features. Owing to their versatile services, which are just as reliable, Lalamove is certain to be a major player in easing the experience for online retailers.

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