Kredivo Indonesia- Fintech Startup Providing Innovative Financing Options

Kredivo Indonesia

Kredivo Indonesia is a digital credit card payment platform of FinAccel that offers various payment methods to help customers to break large payments into affordable and safer payments. Kredivo provides an option to its users to buy now, pay later while doing online shopping. There is a credit-scoring done for the users and basis their eligibility they are offered various options for paying off the debt. The company claims to have credit-scored 2 million Indonesians to date.

Kredivo Indonesia has been supporting some of the big players in e-commerce for payment transactions such as; BukaLapak, Moka, Tokopedia, and Shopee to build and offer a better online payment method for its users. Kredivo’s mission is to widen the access to capital that can help in building South East Asia’s growing economies.

Kredivo Indonesia

Kredivo Indonesia is operated by FinAccel and was founded in 2016. This digital credit card of FinAccel is available with nearly all top merchants in the country making the tally to 200 merchants overall. The company was founded by Akshay Garg (CEO, FinAccel). He is also the co-founder of Asia’s largest independent digital advertising technology company, Komli Media. Before Komli Media, Garg pursued entrepreneurial projects in China and has also been a research economist with the United Nations in Switzerland.

Things Done Right- Making Kredivo Indonesia A Success

The company uses data science in credit scoring algorithms which when combined with traditional measures such as income and credit history to find the creditworthiness of the users. Thus unlocking access to credit to an entirely new set of customers.

Kredivo Indonesia

Kredivo Indonesia offers feasible and flexible payment solutions not only to young professionals but also to thousands of Indonesian retailers giving them an opportunity to reach a wider segment of consumers.

How Does Kredivo Indonesia Work?

Kredivo Indonesia is also among Google Play Best apps of 2017. The app has a quick and easy registration process. The approval is given in a few hours and once approved, customers can directly shop online on an installment basis. From booking flight tickets to buying a new mobile phone to paying bills all can be done with Kredivo app by taking personal loans inside the app which will give users a quick cash advance to cater their needs.

Kredivo Indonesia

The service offers a 30-day interest-free payback option besides long-term installment plans of 3, 6 or 12 months which come with 2.95% interest per month which is charged on reducing principle.

The Road Map

Kredivo Indonesia has recently secured funding from Telkomsel Mitra Inovasi with participation from MDI Ventures as well. The amount has not been disclosed as yet but the company plans to use this financing to expand its network.

Kredivo Indonesia

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