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A brisk morning leads to a good day. An Indonesian startup called Fore Coffee works really hard to make the lives of its customers livelier. The startup makes and sells high-quality coffee in its retail outlets. Its menu offers a wide variety of coffee. The startup uses the latest, digitized coffee machines and high-quality coffee beans (only Arabica coffee beans) to make coffee. The startup was founded in 2018 by Robin Boe, Jhoni Kusno, and Elisa Suteja and is headquartered in Jakarta. The startup’s main goal is to make high-quality coffee affordable and available to the common man. For this purpose, the startup has its outlets in Jakarta, Senopati, Panin Sudirman and Pesanggrahan.

Fore Coffee Menu

Cold Brew

This is probably the healthiest coffee type among them all. It is perfectly suited for warm tropical climates. Since the coffee is cold, the fatty acids in the coffee beans are not dissolved and released in the water. Hence, this coffee is 65% less acidic than other types and does not damage the walls of your stomach. Like all Fore Coffee products, it tastes excellent. The coffee is prepared as follows: Arabica coffee beans (whole) are powdered in a machine. The coffee powder is put in a filter bag and dipped in a tub of water (cold). It remains in contact with the water for about eight hours until all the coffee essence has been extracted. The extracted coffee essence (liquid) is put in the chill room for about 12 to 14 hours. The cold coffee is ready!

Additional flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, caramel, etc. may be added upon customers’ requests. There is also a small amount of foam on the coffee in the shape of a heart to delight customers.


This is perhaps the most popular among all the coffee varieties. It has a strong taste. Its preparation method is as follows. Milk is heated to seventy degrees centigrade. Arabica beans (whole) are powdered in a machine. They are then mixed with milk in the ratio of 3.5:1. Two teaspoons of sugar are added and the mixture is stirred vigorously in the coffee machine until a lot of foam appears. The foam is then shaped in the form of a heart using a spoon. It is the perfectly suited coffee type for people living in cold climates.


This type of coffee is the foamiest among all the types. Its method of preparation is as follows: Arabica coffee beans (100 grams) are powdered. They are mixed with a quarter of a cup of boiling water. Then, 250 ml of room temperature milk is mechanically stirred vigorously until a lot of foam appears. It is then mixed with a mixture of coffee powder and hot water. Lastly, some cocoa powder is sprinkled on top and made into the shape of a heart or tree.


This coffee’s recipe is a lot different when compared to others. It’s very popular in America, hence its name. Two tablespoons of Arabica coffee beans are powdered. It is mixed with two teaspoons of sugar and two tablespoons of hot water. The mixture is stirred vigorously by hand until a thick, light brown paste is obtained. Half a cup of hot, foaming milk is added to the mixture and stirred. Half a cup of hot boiling water is added and again stirred. The Americano is ready!


The recipe for Espresso is almost the same as Americano except that the half a cup of boiling water is not added. Instead, one full cup of hot, frothing milk is added to the light brown paste. This type of coffee is very popular in European nations.

Fore Pandan Latte

This type of coffee is Fore Coffee’s special! Two tablespoons of Arabica coffee beans are powdered. Two tablespoons of sugar are added. Then,100 ml of Pandan syrup is added for extra sweetness. A lot of ice cubes are added and mixed with half a cup of cold milk. The special treat is ready! This dish is getting popular throughout the world. It is what has enabled Fore Coffee to compete with giants like Starbucks coffee throughout the world.

The Road Map

On January 30th, 2019, the startup secured US $8.5 million in Pre Series round of funding from the VC firm, East Ventures. Other VC firms like SMDV, Pavilion Capital, Agaeti Venture Capital and Insignia Ventures Partners also participated in that round of funding. The startup currently employs around 50 people and will use the funds to expand its footprint globally.

Only then will it be able to achieve its goal of providing quality coffee for the common man. The startup’s coffees are getting popular worldwide and it is soon expected to overtake giants in the industry like Starbucks Coffee.

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