Kargo Technologies – All Set to Fly High And Rule The Indonesian Logistics Market

Kargo Technologies is a logistics and trucking startup based in Indonesia, which is also known by the name ‘Uber for trucks’. The company was established in 2018 by Uber-alumni, Tiger Fang, Co-Founder and CEO, and Yodi Aditya, Co-Founder and CTO.

What Is Kargo?

For those uninitiated, Kargo is a freight platform which is available as a website and a digital application. The company’s main goal is to connect the customers/shippers with the transporters/carriers through a medium which is transparent, reliable and trustworthy. Based on their requirements, customers place the order of trucks either on the app or the website.

As per their research, Kargo stated that the trucks often make empty return trips with their drivers while on their way back after delivering goods from urban production centers. Additionally, the payments and contracts of the drivers are handwritten instead of official paperwork, and in fact, they receive their dues months after the delivery is finished.

Working Style & Functioning Process

 Further to rule out the above discrepancies and instead of dealing with the truck drivers, Kargo works with the third-party logistics and truck operators directly. The motive behind this move is to avoid direct contacts with any of the middlemen and instead develop a strong and clear connection and the bond between the real logistics operators and users. This style of working enables Kargo to offer efficient services and cost-effective options for the companies and their customers, which also gives birth to improved finances for the drivers.

According to Tiger Fang, through Kargo, transporters, and shippers will be able to hit deals on a transparent basis with a clear knowledge that they are interacting with high-quality, trusted and verified partners. He further adds that this kind of structure will help in ensuring that not a single truck will ever hit the road empty again and it will also boost the revenue of truck drivers.

Kargo recently raised a US$7.6 million seed funding round led by Sequoia Capital India, which they further aim to invest in improving their technology and infrastructure. Furthermore, they plan to boost talent acquisitions in the Indonesian industry.

The Road Map

The company focuses on making the transportation industry more effective, responsible and transparent by creating a platform that enables truckers, transporters, and shippers to track, connect and transact shipments.

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