Indorse Singapore – A Skill Accreditation Platform

Indorse Singapore

Indorse Singapore is an online platform which provides the service of matching the right skill with the right job. The platform aids the companies in scrutinizing the talent, knowledge, expertise and ability of the applicants of a job and choosing the most befitting ones for the company. The major emphasis so far has been on the coding sector companies. This assessment-oriented company was founded by Avadhoot Kulkarni, David Moskovitz, and Gaurang Torvekar in May 2017 after putting in rigorous efforts and new ideas. This start-up has a plethora of categories including Blockchain, Ethereum, Skill Assessment, Social Network, and Virtual Currency. These categories make the platform of Indorse Singapore vital and its services diverse.

What Makes Indorse Singapore Versatile And Vital?

Indorse holds the rank of 1,355,309 amongst the other websites which are globally-based. The rank has been assigned considering the 24,503 web visitors the website of Indorse embraces. The company has HackerEarth, HackerRank, and Metti as its competitor firms. The major aim of Indorse Singapore is to create a web of various experts who are capable enough to judge the capabilities of candidates for a particular job. The skills required to perform a certain job are compared with that possessed by the candidate. The shortlisting of the applicants is thus conducted by this Singapore based platform.

Indorse Singapore

The applicants also benefit from this network as it provides them as well as their skill set, validation, and authentication, making it easier for them to fetch a job they desire. Various coding companies have outsourced the recruitment process to Indorse. The company also claims to have shortlisted Data Science candidates for Grab. This plummets the cost incurred for the hiring of candidates by the company and facilitates them to conveniently carry out the process of appraisal.

Colossal Funding 

Indorse Singapore has held four funding rounds until now. Total funding of USD 15.8M has been acquired by this Singapore-based company. After Coinsilium group, this company has Brand investor as its leading contributor. The company claims to have grabbed its latest funding from Brand Capital, which is an Indian investment group famous for proving major assistance through investment to the media group The Time. This India-based investment group has funded Indorse with a total of USD 2M thus, becoming one of the lead investors of Indorse. The investment so received is aimed to be directed towards the company’s establishment and growth in India. The company looks forward to expanding its reach in India through the media group of The Time. Indorse Singapore thus holds a bright and secure future.

Indorse Singapore

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