Indonesia’s Biggest Trucking Logistics Platform Ritase

Trucking Logistics Platform Ritase

Trucking Logistics Platform Ritase is a technology-based trucking logistics service provider and was founded by Iman Kusnadi in the year 2017. With its headquarters situated in Singapore, the digital trucking platform specializes in logistics and heavy good delivery services aided by a robust technological infrastructure. It links shippers and transporters on its exclusive platform through a dedicated shipping procedure that can be monitored digitally. In addition to that, Ritase employs a detailed reporting system for shipment tracking and provides businesses with recurrent automatic reports which contain information regarding the profits generated from truck delivery service. The company has recently opened Smart Shelters in the East Java Area that serves the purpose of a meeting point for its official drive partners.

Trucking Logistics Platform Ritase

This innovative startup employs cutting edge technology to solve one of the most critical problems plaguing upcoming economies; transportation of manufactured goods. The manufacturing industry heavily depends on trucks to provide an effective and efficient transportation system for delivery of manufactured goods. Hence, trucks form the backbone of the manufacturing industries which are the backbone of our economy.

Ritase Secures Undisclosed Series A Funding For Business Expansion

Indonesia’s biggest trucking logistics platform Ritase has declared that it has obtained an undisclosed figure in a Series A funding from renowned strategic investors and eminent financial institutions. Nonetheless, the exact names and identities of the new partaking investors have not been revealed by the company. Speaking of fund utilization, the trucking solutions company stated that it would use the capital to extend business operations and expand into new regional markets in the coming time. Before the occurrence of this round, the company had raised funds from existing investors, namely Tarun Gandhi, Skystar Capital, and Insignia Venture Partners.

Trucking Logistics Platform Ritase

The vision looks solid and the market has immense potential. This is a sure sort recipe for success.

Trucking Logistics Platform Ritase Game Plan For The Future

Indonesia’s premier trucking logistics platform Ritase indubitably has a phenomenal game plan for the future. With generous financial support from leading investors and institutions, Ritase is all set for the enablement of improved business operations and geographical expansion. Ritase places a great deal of emphasis on originality and innovation for the attainment of success. On this account, the company is soon going to come up with a new product known as Group Buy which will ascertain that users don’t have to run around for trucking-related products as all their requirements would be fulfilled within the digital platform of Ritase.

Trucking Logistics Platform Ritase

Trucking Logistics Platform Ritase believes that all this financial assistance will facilitate growth and actualize the company’s dream of going international so that it can provide businesses with a simplified shipping experience. At present, Ritase avers to facilitate thousands of shipping transactions with the aid of 6500 trucks, 500 transportation businesses and 7000 driver partners connected through its digital platform.

Trucking Logistics Platform Ritase

Keep an eye on this innovative startup.

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