Indonesian Education And Business, The Right Start

Education forms a major platform for knowledge. But why not innovatively incorporate in educating about food. Yes! Indonesian based start-up is specialized in educating about the Indonesian culinary education to impresarios using the internet as a platform to millions of people.

A Start-Up To Educate

The acts as a platform to educate people about culinary business both in online and offline modes for people to use while at this business. Foodizz. Id built the first platform for thousands of people to educate themselves about culinary business online and offline modes. This has also inspired several people to look at the culinary business as a lucrative career option.

What Is The Buzz About?

Initially, the founder members of were a part of a culinary business experiencing immense difficulties and learning from their experiences. They identified Indonesia to be a country with a flourishing number of people involved in this business. Over 5.9 million culinary business thrive in the country, and that interested the team in helping them thrive the hardships and difficulties being faced every day in this business.

Statistics had proved that very few of the culinary business survive over five years and this had given the to join hands in raising a start-up to help people understand how to run the business.

If a person is starting right from scratch to start a culinary business, helps them to gain some foothold knowledge in how to start, mastering the sciences of this business and operational issues they might face and factors that might lead to failure. They also give some essential lessons and solutions to probable issues. This makes them a popular study group start-up to grow into a best culinary entrepreneur.

The Road Map

A year ago, the founder Andrew Rian Pamungkas understood the need for education for budding Foodpreneurs and started right away with Currently, the classes and sessions are actively utilized by 2250 plus users for the proposed classes. Its major aim is to serve the Foodpreneurs of Indonesia with immense knowledge on the business. It was funded by Tempo, Indonesia’s seasoned media giant for its start with an undisclosed amount.

With substantial popularity gained by the company, the company has interested several young moguls into the culinary business to learn tactics and erudition.

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