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Bobobox was founded in the year 2017 by Bong and Indra Gunawan. Based in Bandung, the company was established with the goal to create an innovative and advanced capsule network with a relatively economical rate. Being the most reliable accommodation service, Bobobox is undoubtedly an excellent choice for smart travelers and millennial adventurers as it enables exploration by providing environments that are phenomenal and budget-friendly at the same time. With Bobobox, the traveler enjoys a special experience by staying in a unique space that provides for amazing accommodations in various locations. Lastly, Bobobox values simplicity, environmental friendliness, and strives it provides its customers with a seamless experience.

About The Company

Indonesian capsule hotel startup Bobobox has declared that it has received funds from existing investors Genesia Ventures, Alpha JWC Ventures, and three international investors whose identity has been kept anonymous. However, the amount of the funds received from Pre-Series A funding round has not been disclosed by the company. At present, the startup owns and runs a capsule hotel in Bandung’s Pasir Kaliki area. With the availability of around 62 pods, it is believed to have a hundred percent occupancy rate. Most essentially, Bobobox plans to make use of the new funding to support its national expansion plan to eleven locations in Bogor, Bali, Greater Jakarta, and Jogjakarta within two years.

With the continued national expansion, Bobobox aims to spread its operations in over 200 locations and become Indonesia's largest accommodation chain by the year of 2020. Along with that, the startup is planning to get started with new product development such as the introduction of single bed pods. Nonetheless, it only offers king-size beds in its pods presently. The pods come with app-controlled door access, security, Bluetooth speaker, customizable lights, comfortable king-size bed, personal air conditioner, and compact working space concurrently. Besides running its own hotels, Bobobox has also opened itself up for franchise opportunities. Not just that, it is also revamping existing hotels as well. Additionally, Bobobox helps independent hotels by providing them with pods, system, and marketing unlike many hospitality SaaS [companies] that only offer branding.

Road Map

Bobobox provides budget friendly accommodation to customers so that they can get the most out of their travel opportunities and experience more for less. Last but not least, Bobobox is a new and smart accommodation solution that can benefit everyone in a multitude of ways.

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