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Fashion clothing and dressings have always held a special place in people. With more online shopping gaining popularity and fashion industry has given much importance, smart outfits are also a necessity. Turmswear is a technology resonating apparel brand. Incorporating Nano-technology in material development, this brand is a live example of how technology changes the perspective of how we see things.

Technology In Clothing

You might be thinking, what can technology do fabricating clothes, but Turmswear brand has proved what can be done. The fabrics have built-in stain repellant technology that the fabric is protected from any type of water-based stain, also safe for the wearer’s skin as well as environment.

Anti-odour is another feature from the fabrics of Turmswear. The popular apparel brand has incorporated silver ions that prevent sweat based bacteria in the dress material. It also helps in faster evaporation for the wearers. The clothes are made of elastane that enhances the flexibility of the outfit in any direction. The outfit’s fabric is designed to completely evade sweet and perspiration by quicker evaporation, no wicking, allows quick dry and faster cooling. The fabric was tested and passed the European Union’s REACH’s test along with Oeko Tex certificates making it a quality product.

Performance Wear T-shirts

The brand Turmswear was founded by former Voonik executive in the year 2016. The founder Rameswar Misra, CEO, and co-founder of Turmswear apparel brand, a ground nanotechnologist by education decided to take technology to the next level by inventing the Turmswear fabric. The fabric was incorporated nanotechnology benefits in its production for low maintainability fabrics like stainless, odorless and quicker perspiration. The team consists of well experienced and knowledge-filled nanotechnology experts who want to expand the interesting applications of nano-science.

The company has acquired 6.3 crores from fresh works along with other investors, raised 2 crores from Raveen Sastry, co-founder of Myntra and other executives. With the funds raised, the apparel brand’s team plans to brand its centers for research, optimizing the supply chain, scale the technology and products. Further, they are in futuristic plans to set up offline buying options in populated market places, which could trigger the improved popularity of the brand among the people.

The Road Map

The brand is gaining popularity among consumers with steady growth and recurring customers, who accept the technology behind these clothing.

The company plans to expand its business by bringing in more categories and innovations in the way how clothes are manufactured.

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