Managing Businesses Made Easy With HR Service Provider Swingvy

HR service provider Swingvy

Swingvy is a Malaysia headquartered HR service provider and cloud-based HR tech platform. These services are provided on a freemium basis. The company is currently working with around 5100 organizations across Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan with 100,000+ users across these three countries. Founded by Jin Cheoeh, Tho Kit Hoong, Hyojun Lee, and Jahun Koo, the cloud-based HR service provider Swingvy wishes to accelerate the use of HR tools which is prevalently new to south-east Asia by showcasing its utility over manual HR processes. Recently Swingvy became the first innovative startup in South East Asia to secure funding from Samsung Ventures.


The company provides HR tools which simplify your work making it fuss and hassle-free. The company offers an interactive and innovative solution by bringing together people and technology in HR services which help businesses to put its people first. HR service provider Swing believes in the importance of people, and how the firm’s reputation depends on its people. Hence, their primary focus is on HR technology and tools. Their models have proven to be quite cost effective and efficient.

HR service provider Swingvy

What Makes HR Service Provider Swingvy Different?

One amazing benefit of using HR service provider Swingvy apart from hassle-free processing is that it saves a lot of time. Almost 80 percent of the paperwork is reduced with Swingvy’s robust HR tools compared with manual practices. When compared to legacy HR software, using Swingvy can result in savings worth thousands of dollars.  The interface is very interactive and user-friendly. Hence, user adoption is good and workers love to use the interface. Payroll interface is also easy with the automated payroll tools launched by HR service provider Swingvy. Accessing and tracking employees with a joint interface in a mobile app.

HR service provider Swingvy

What’s In Store For The Future

HR service provider Swingvy raised USD 7 million in the recent Series A funding round led by global giant Samsung Ventures. Aviva Ventures, Korean Bass investment, Walden international, and Big Basin Capital also participated in this funding round which is a testimony of the company’s growing popularity.

Swingvy plans to expand its footprint in APAC and also invest in product innovation.

HR service provider Swingvy

“While HR tech is a fast-growing sector in the US, it has not been highlighted in the APAC region especially for small companies. They often struggled with manual HR processes or using complex and expensive software,” said Jin Choeh, Co-founder and CEO of Swingvy.

Keep an eye on this innovative startup and other such startups.

HR service provider Swingvy

Image Source – Swingvy  official website

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