HappyFresh Indonesia- Expanding Geo-Footprint Through E-Grocery Start Up

HappyFresh Indonesia, led by the South Korean VC firm Mirae Asset-Naver Growth Fund, headquartered in Jakarta is all set to expand their geo-footprint allover the region. HappyFresh is continuously working towards food preservation technological advancements and are pumped up to hire like-minded, talented and hard-working individuals, who would work towards the betterment of humanity and fuel prior development. HappyFresh is sure to commit the time and resources towards the development of the retail sector, create job opportunities so as to fulfill the changing and growing consumer trends. HappyFresh Indonesia also plans to improve its data storage technology, food storage technology, Big Data, and other technological advancements. The investment towards technology and the creation of a digital world would provide efficiency and ample time to such companies to deliver the groceries on time and keep the edibles fresh for longer.

HappyFresh Indonesia

HappyFresh Indonesia Series Funding

HappyFresh Indonesia led by the South Korean VC firm Mirae Asset-Naver Growth Fund and joined by Grab Ventures, Singha Ventures, and LINE Ventures closes with 20 million dollars in C Series funding. Mirae Asset-Naver Growth Fund has also funded in quite a few Start-ups with other investors for HappyFreshsuch as LINE Ventures, Grab Ventures and Singha Ventures made their investment in July 2018, following a general partnership.

HappyFresh Indonesia

HappyFresh has continued using the funds to continue with technological improvements and advancements and is planning to revolutionize their organization completely. The improvisation towards information fuelled solutions that use data mining predictive analysis to view registered client's user details and order/usage patterns to predict what the client or customer may require in the future. The focus on data security, secured platforms and channels are a priority. The technological advancements can help platforms co-ordinate efficiently with customer needs.

HappyFresh's Road Map Towards Global Food Relief

HappyFresh Indonesia

HappyFresh started its journey in 2014, and there seems to be an exponential growth to their company's well-being ever since. The growth of HappyFresh Indonesia began with the rise in demand for fresh groceries in the world of fake food products and food being grown with synthetic hormones. 2016 was a tough year for HappyFreshas they had to drop out from two Asian markets. In January 2017, the firm secured an undisclosed fund from B Series funding led by Dubai based PE firm Samena Capital. And finally, HappyFresh Indonesia closed the deal with a whopping USD 20 million in C Series funding in 2018.

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HappyFresh Indonesia

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Image Source- HappyFresh Indonesia Official Website.

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