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Headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Grooves is a private HR technology company that was founded on March 1, 2004. Grooves offer an online B2B platform that focuses on improving the process of recruitment for candidates, companies, and recruiting agencies. The social recruiting organization aims at innovating the HR market and help people select the most appropriate career for themselves to make sure that they realize their full potential. The company believes in utilizing the prowess of young people and provides excellent recruitment solutions to make certain that their skill isn’t wasted.

Besides that, Grooves, the Tokyo-based tech startup has recently declared that it has received funds from the PNB-INSPiRE Ethical Fund (PIEF). It has raised $920,000 to expand its unmatchable services into the ASEAN region as it considers it to be an enormous talent pool.

What is the purpose of Grooves?

 Established in Japan, the human resources tech startup has strived to discover impeccable talents from all over the world and help them give a boost to their career by providing them with lucrative job opportunities in Japan. With over fifteen years of experience, the top-notch platform of Grooves has over 5,000 listed Japanese corporations. The vast and extensive network of the company puts forth a large number of remarkable career opportunities in front of potential users of Grooves.

Ultimately, the main and actual purpose of Grooves is to facilitate career growth. And for ensuring that, it follows a smart and creative approach. The company well comprehends that bringing a major change suddenly, is next to impossible and that it can only come gradually.
Most importantly, the platform makes use of the most advanced and sophisticated technology to enhance career growth. It connects talented and skilled users with like-minded individuals for making professional communication feasible and to make certain that supreme results are attained.

 Grooves offer distinct recruiting platforms supported by artificial intelligence to enhance the efficiency for clients all over the globe. The highly dedicated team of the company believes in achieving results together and creating platforms for the future so the people can benefit. Groove’s presence in Asia and Russia helps them to bring new offerings with consistent innovations. The company is planning and looking forward to expanding its operation into Malaysia since it sees potential in the region.


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