Glife Singapore – A B2B Agritech Platform Providing Farm ToTable Services

Glife Singapore

Glife Singapore tends to work toward the provision of fresh fruits and vegetables onto your table. The Singapore Agri-Tech Business to Business (B2B) firm plans to provide organic and fresh groceries to the restaurants and onto your plate. The huge success and popularity of this organization are solely due to its emphasis on organically grown fruits and vegetables. The Glife Singapore team is also working on invoicing systems to deal with decomposable and decaying food products and more detectable of produce from farmers. Glife coordinated more than 150 local businesses directly connected to the farmers that look after the fresh fruit, in return for an ethical way of exchanging high-quality food produce. The demands for these organic food products from the Singapore Agritech Glife Singapore have increased exponentially as people seem to have shown high trust in the brand. The creation of their own minimum viable product (MVP) was a great help towards the farmers. Glife made sure that they followed proper standards of transparency and sustainability.

Glife Singapore

 Seed Funding For Glife Singapore

People’s trust in Glife Singapore has allowed them to raise funds up to USD 1.18 million in seed funding from Global Founders Capital and 500 start-ups, a few angel investors also took part, including F&B and Tech Veterans such as Royston Tay. The South-East Asian internet usage crossing USD 100 billion, technology seems to play an essential role in all sectors. The increase in popularity of organic products has given hike in the demands for the same with 600 million consumers only in South-East Asia.

Glife Singapore

The emotional challenges such as extreme urbanization, global warming, artificial hormones used on food products, toxic food habits are among the many problems that are being addressed and solved by companies like Glife Singapore who work towards the betterment of the community and mother Earth rather than slaughter humanity with unnecessary toxicity.

Glife’s Road Map Towards Democratising Green And Healthy Living Conditions

Glife Singapore

Justin Chou (CEO) mentions the importance of going green in his life from a very early age and there started the journey of providing organic produce to thousands of restaurants. The idea of going green in the world of malice and double standards was embraced well by the consumers, and the demands rose. Soon enough, Glife Singapore rose to a great height with a colossal USD 1.18 million in seed funding in 2019. The ball hasn’t stopped rolling since.

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Image Source-Glife Singapore Website.

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