Fivetran- Redefining Data Pipelines Secures US$44 Million Funding


Fivetran, a San Francisco based technology startup helps companies move data from different repositories to data warehouses. The company’s automated data integration technology that helps in effortless replication of business data to a cloud warehouse makes it stand out from the competition.

The company headquartered in Oakland, California was founded in 2012 by George Fraser, CEO and Taylor Brown, COO to help data-driven companies to centralize all their data into one place by offering turn-key solutions to customers. Fivetran builds automated data pipelines that centralize data from disparate sources like Salesforce and Netsuite into cloud-based data warehouses like Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, Google BigQuery, and Microsoft Azure.

Fivetran recently secured US$44 million in series B round funding led by a venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (a16z).

Fivetran- Effortlessly Integrates Data

Fivetran’s tool enables complete data replication without coding or maintenance. Their tool has standardized schemas and their pre-engineered connectors adjust to schema changes automatically, therefore enabling companies to focus on unlocking insights. Moreover, what makes Fivetran different is that the set up can be done in just five minutes- the customer has to authenticate the source and data warehouse and the rest is taken care off.

The ready-to-query schemas of Fivetran accelerate analytics as companies can get all data that is needed without any duplication. Besides that, their documented ERDs help companies to monitor what exactly they are working with.

Eliminates The Need To Build Complex Data Pipelines

Fivetran’s technology works with modern data infrastructure companies and its automation of data integration process helps companies in getting better-centralized insights. The focus is to empower organizations across the world to harness their data in new ways.

With 150 connectors, Fivetran wants to continue to expand its range of data collection tools and cover more data requirements. The company’s vision is that all companies should have a centralized repository of their data that ‘works’ for them.

Fivetran Hauls Massive Funding For Expansion

Fivetran since its inception has seen steady growth and has more than 750 customers and over the last one year, the revenue has grown 3x. The company has expanded its operations into the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. Fivetran also has offices in Denver (Colorado), Dublin (Ireland), and Bengaluru (India). 

The company has recently secured US$44 million funding which it plans to strengthen its technology prowess. The funding was led by a venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) besides participation from Matrix Partners and CEAS Investments who are Fivetran’s existing investors.

Fivetran will also be utilizing these funds to advance its automated services to more destinations and sources, scale operations, and also plans to expand its teams across all locations.

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